Aug. 31 2016
Jesse Allen Collins, City Pulse’s final Summer of Art Artist, turned to art as a way to cope with hardships in his life
Aug. 24 2016
William Rowan, this week’s Summer of Art artist, came to visual art through music. Rowan holds degrees in piano, organ and harpsichord performance from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and...
Aug. 17 2016
Marissa Tawney Thaler, this week’s Summer of Art artist, was a late bloomer, artistically speaking
Aug. 16 2016
Birthdays, especially when one turns a multiple of 10, are often times of reflection. “60,” a solo art exhibit by German artist Marek Radke, is built on that reflection
Aug. 10 2016
Dennis Preston, this week’s Summer of Art artist and a frequent freelance artist for City Pulse, is well known locally for his wacky caricatures and trippy concert posters. He began developing...
Walter Kittle
Aug. 9 2016
TUESDAY, August 9 — Dr. Walter Kittle, known to other musicians as “Dr. Bass” was just 5 when his love for music started. But his journey to playing music full time has taken decades....
Aug. 4 2016
THURSDAY, August 4 — A group of breastfeeding mothers will gather Saturday, contributing to an attempt to set a world record for global synchronized breastfeeding. The Big Latch On, which meets
Aug. 3 2016
Arts Night Out, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s traveling monthly art event, pops up this month in one of Greater Lansing’s up-and-coming commercial corridors. REO Town, named for auto...
July 27 2016
The Lansing City Market serves up a double shot of live music this week, with local jazz outfit Medium Rare and Detroit blues singer Thornetta Davis appearing at the Grand Concert Series
July 27 2016
Thayer works primarily in mixed media visual art, including elements of watercolor painting, printmaking and paper pieces. He strives to capture audiences with striking images while keeping the work playful...
July 20 2016
The Old Town Commercial Association is kicking off its first ever Old Town in Bloom event on July 24, featuring varied glimpses of urban gardening in backyards, courtyards, public and private settings
July 20 2016
Art is finally a full-time career for 42-yearold Lansing resident Michelle Detering, this week’s Summer of Art artist. After being told to choose a major that would lead to a job and working as an...
July 13 2016
Double bookings are usually a nightmare for performers. But in 2005, when magicians Chris Zubrick and Ryan Makowski showed up for the same gig at Michigan State University, they made the best of it. The...
July 13 2016
Joshua Gove, this week’s Summer of Art artist, started drawing at a young age, copying the animation style of TV superheroes and cartoon characters. But in high school, he really started to explore...
July 13 2016
For centuries, Americans have made coffee in more or less the same way: running boiling water through ground coffee beans. But a growing number of coffee makers and boutique coffee houses are offering...
July 6 2016
Most artists try to tell their own story with their work. Local artist Zahrah Resh prefers to flip the script
June 29 2016
Paul “MexOne” Vetne, this week’s Summer of Art artist, doesn’t remember exactly when he decided to become an artist, but he’s been drawing for as long as he can remember
June 28 2016
TUESDAY, June 28 — REACH Studio Art Center is looking for an artist to build a new interactive art installation for its REO Town location. The studio is accepting applications from artists to c
June 27 2016
MONDAY, June 27 — While we’re used to seeing art in a gallery, REACH Studio Art Center’s Teen Open Studio specializes in putting art in unexpected public places. The group’s latest...
June 23 2016
THURSDAY, June 23 — Pianist Corey Kendrick, who earned his master’s degree in jazz studies from Michigan State University just last year, returns to Lansing next week with a new album, “Roo