March 8 2017
Massive tornadoes and below-freezing temperatures are just a normal day’s work for photographer Camille Seaman. She doesn’t shy away from the things that scare most people. In fact. she manages...
March 8 2017
When Lansing resident Meegan Holland calculated her cable bill in the summer of 2015, she realized she was paying $184 a month. That’s when she understood she needed a change
March 1 2017
Stephen Mallon’s latest exhibition of photographs features decommissioned subway cars being unceremoniously dumped into the Atlantic Ocean. But this isn’t large-scale littering. The sunken...
March 1 2017
Like many life-changing journeys, David Welsh’s latest venture began with a low point. In September 2015, the Michigan State University student was in Chicago and began to feel ill. It got so bad...
Feb. 22 2017
REO Town Sessions is part of a growing web of activities Austin is spinning out as part of his Art Matters project. The goal of the project is to not only promote local artists but also to further the...
Feb. 15 2017
Local photographer and artist Jane Kramer started a petition on change. org after she couldn’t get past Meijer’s customer service desk last fall
Feb. 15 2017
Back in 2014, journalist Jonathan Capehart wrote this headline for a Washington Post blog: ‘‘Black lives matter’ to everyone – finally.”
Feb. 1 2017
It started in her mid-teens. Olivia Mitchell’s once manageable menstrual cramps became increasingly painful — so much so that it began to severely hinder the her ability to get through the...
Jan. 18 2017
It’s been a recurring problem. Over the last several months, Donald Cuthbert has awakened to the smell of marijuana permeating his home from his neighbor’s property
Jan. 11 2017
Innovative rapper Open Mike Eagle, real name Michael Eagle, began his career in the mid-‘90s in Chicago, where he developed a punchline style consistent with the region and era. But by 18, he had...
Jan. 11 2017
East Lansing Food Co-op owners decided almost unanimously to sell their store Sunday, with 114 votes yes to 7 no
Jan. 4 2017
Flowers are pretty scarce around New Year´s Day, so we decided to celebrate another spin around the sun by picking a bouquet of 10 interesting people who reflect the variety and vitality of life...
Dec. 21 2016
After two years, East Lansing’s Percent for Art ordinance is starting to bear fruit. The ordinance, which pulls public arts funding from public and private development projects, has already funded...
Dec. 14 2016
When Mike Karl entered the downtown branch of the Capital Area District Library, he wasn’t thinking about books. Karl had only two things on his mind: to get warm, and to get to sleep
Dec. 7 2016
Michigan gets very cold. And when it’s not cold, it’s very humid. And summers can get blisteringly hot with little notice. If you’re a hearty Michigander, you’re probably used to...
Nov. 23 2016
It was the biggest stage he’d ever performed on — a space that can hold over 24,000 people — but 26-year-old Lansing singer Lucas Holliday didn’t flinch at the Palace of Auburn...
Nov. 16 2016
“Play number five!” shouted a small voice from the crowd. Ben Hassenger, guitarist for local band Mystic Shake, obliged 5-yearold Monte Pride’s request, knowing that he meant “Lois,”...
Nov. 16 2016
One day in middle school, William Murphy decided that he wanted to stand out. So he came to school wearing a bow tie. Just a few years later, the 19-year-old MSU business student created his own online...
Nov. 2 2016
Local hip-hop artist Mikeyy Austin dropped “T I N T E D,” his debut solo project, earlier this year. The digital-only EP got a boost in August when Grammy-winning neo-soul artist Erykah Badu...
Nov. 2 2016
After almost 41 years as a nutrition beacon in the community, the East Lansing Food Co-op is in a crisis. It could shut down at any moment