Oct. 26 2017
There’s a genuine folksiness to the place. Along one wall are scarves for sale, made by a local artisan. Feathered hats are whimsically fashioned into lampshades for the overhead lighting. There’s...
Sept. 21 2017
“Gimme Eat” is its credo, a play on the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter.” Beggar’s is not just a paean to the Stones but to an era they helped define. There are vestiges...
Aug. 17 2017
This town is my home, and I love people who love Lansing. When I walked into Steakhouse Philly Bar & Grill and saw local high school sports memorabilia everywhere I looked, I knew that I was in the presence...
May 17 2017
Dear Blue, This is a first for me. I am writing a “get well” letter to a business — you. It may come off as churlish, but it’s meant to be more like tough love. Frankly, given your...
April 19 2017
Let us start today by singing the praises of Lula’s Cookhouse’s fried chicken ($15.99). The breading is light and, dare I say, buttery. The skin crackles and crunches as you bite into it, and...
March 15 2017
We choose the smoked salmon pâté and a charcuterie plate for starters. The pâté ($12) gets good marks, with the requisite smokiness smoothed out by a dill-based sour cream. The...
Feb. 15 2017
It’s as if the place were never meant to be. Yet there it sits, down a forlorn dead-end street, behind a car wash and flanked by buildings whose commerce is God-knows-what
Jan. 4 2017
After a month of turkey, pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies, beef tenderloin, gingerbread and my other holiday favorites, my husband and I needed something different to sink our teeth into. And we knew just...
Dec. 28 2016
Bridge Street Social in DeWitt is new to the local restaurant scene. Soup Spoon Cafe in Lansing is an established culinary icon. Both are like giddy teenagers gobsmacked by their first love — but...
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 12.03.58 PM
Dec. 21 2016
“When in doubt, quote Yogi Berra,” an old newspaper buddy used to say. OK, here goes: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”
Nov. 16 2016
Some of my fondest food memories revolve around picnics that began with a stop at the delicatessen. (Our favorite is Burritt’s Fresh Markets in Traverse City.) Now we have memories-in-the-making...
Oct. 26 2016
At least once a week, lunchtime sneaks up on me. I ravenously wander from office to kitchen, hoping a soup or sandwich will magically materialize in front of me. It never happens. So I hop into the car...
Sept. 21 2016
4 p.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 4 p.m.-midnight Friday-Saturday 107 S. Bridge Street, De- Witt (517) 668-1837, bridgestreetsocial.com
Aug. 24 2016
When I was growing up, my family went on a lot of road trips. We’d go to Harrison to see Grandma and swim in Arnold Lake. Or to Kalamazoo to see my other grandparents — and stop at Sweetwater’s...
Aug. 17 2016
Here, just a stone’s skip from the Grand River, the brewery pumps out brews that are, as the signage states, “best served cold and often.”
Aug. 3 2016
For a stretch of several years, I didn’t set foot in Midtown Brewing Co. “I can make burgers at home,” I reasoned. “I’m a teetotaler,” I protested. “I don’t...
July 6 2016
I finally found an excellent chicken gyro a few years ago at the State Side Deli in Okemos. The most clutch move here is very basic but so important —toasting the pita bread. You don’t realize...
May 25 2016
For a food to be craveable, for me, it has to be something I won’t make at home. Maybe it’s a cooking technique I haven’t mastered, a spice blend I can’t put my finger on or something...
July 15 2015
Since Paul Revere’s Tavern unceremoniously slammed its doors last summer, breaking hearts from Okemos to Grand Ledge, the pizza game in this town has been weak. So it was with a certain amount of...
June 17 2015
Last month, the boyfriend and I went up north. We rode our bicycles, we ate ice cream and salt water taffy and at a lighthouse on Old Mission Peninsula he proposed to me with his great-grandmother’s...