Feb. 4 2019
Michigan is the nation’s largest grower of potatoes for chips – about one in four bags sold in the U.S. is made from Michigan potatoes
Feb. 4 2019
Michigan once pioneered in enacting freedom of information and open meetings – transparency – laws. The rationale was that information held by our government at the local and state levels belongs...
Jan. 18 2019
A proposed aquaculture project could make Michigan the first state to commercially raise African longfin eel, a species native to the Western Indian Ocean and a popular food in Japan, China and South...
Jan. 18 2019
Fake news! We read it, wittingly or unwittingly. We hear it and watch it– and sometimes talk about it and post it and pass it on
Jan. 18 2017
To illustrate, the 2016 campaign brought us New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s derisive, “When reporters act like jerks, you need to treat them that way. The guy’s a complete idiot, self-consumed...