Aug. 23 2018
James Cheskaty, 33, is the head chef and co-owner of EnVie in downtown Lansing. Cheskaty has always had an interest in cooking, and his long-term dream of owning and cooking at his own restaurant came...
Aug. 9 2018
Brewers all over the world have different recipes and combinations of ingredients that they experiment with to create exactly what they want in each beer. But if the water profile isn’t congruent...
July 26 2018
It’s not easy! Red Cedar Grill is in Williamston. There are its challenges, but luckily I have some great people. My sous chefs do a great job and give me some great leverage to bounce around between...
July 12 2018
It has been known to be on the brink of extinction its entire life, due to its unique qualities. Modern brewers across the U.S. are finding new opportunities with the style, and are bringing it back into...
June 28 2018
I did go to culinary school. I worked at Crystal Mountain resort for about two years or so, then I joined the Marines. I was an infantry radio operator, so I was attached to a weapons company
June 14 2018
The program buys and assembles food kits that have enough food basics to make six dinners, four lunches, four breakfasts and two-four snacks. These kits are discreetly delivered into each child’s...
May 24 2018
We have renovated and done everything to this building, from the wall paper to making the tables,” said Bea Middleton, third-generation owner of Taste of Thai
May 10 2018
While mega beer producers like Anheuser-Busch and Heineken create consistent, quality products, smaller breweries like Ellison, focusing more on flavor and unique styles, are popping up across the nation,...
April 26 2018
Although he was born in California, chef Zane Vicknair considers Lansing his home and is no stranger to the local food scene. He and his team create unique and exciting options for greater Lansing foodies,...
April 12 2018
To modern-day beer lovers, carbonation is expected, but do you know how beer becomes bubbly? Today, many beers are carbonated through a process called “forced carbonation,” where carbon dioxide...
March 29 2018
Shawn Fearon is the owner and head chef of Kingston Kitchen, the six month old Jamaican restaurant in Okemos. Fearon has worked in kitchens from Michigan to Florida
March 15 2018
If you’ve ever been into Old Nation Brewery’s pub, you know that it is a great environment to enjoy a brew in. But if you’re curious like me, it can be hard to keep your eyes from wandering...
Feb. 22 2018
In May of 2014, two south Michigan-based musicians named Jenna Roark and Emmet McGuire met and began writing and making music together. Their mutual love for classic rock influenced their work together...
Feb. 1 2018
Their Boss Tweed NE Double IPA, which was the highest rated beer in Michigan over the summer on the Untappd! social beer app that was released statewide last month. Already, quantities are extremely low....
Dec. 7 2017
Walking into the small production space at Craft & Mason Coffee Roasting Co. in DeWitt, the first thing you notice is a sweet coffee aroma lingering from past roasts
Nov. 22 2017
Imagine strolling along the banks of the Red Cedar River and coming across a live performer playing music, a beautiful outdoor art installation, or a kiosk where poets’ work is on display. Imagine,...
Nov. 22 2017
Ten years ago, Samuel Adams released a limited-edition beer, Utopias, that has gathered a cult following among craft beer lovers due to its “extreme barrel-aging” technique. What probably makes...
Nov. 9 2017
Regardless of your interpretation, American Fifth Spirits is doing it – creating seasonally inspired concoctions like their previously described “Turkey Feast,” or their “Bourbon...
Oct. 26 2017
It’s a difficult question: Should a business’ main goal be profit or something more public? Businesses like Tom’s Shoes, Starbucks, Method Cleaning Products and more have emerged and...
Oct. 19 2017
How hops go from the ground to the glass Across the country and specifically Michigan, it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is talking about the growth in the craft brewery industry, and yet,...