Oct. 11 2018
Best Maze’s “Trail of Terror” gained its fame due to its high production value. The winding trails are raked into a smooth path, and the scares are supplied by professional animatronics...
Oct. 5 2018
A week from the 20th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death, the Downeaster Theatre is preparing its staged reading of “The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.”
Oct. 4 2018
“Love Never Dies,” the polarizing sequel to the genre-defining “Phantom of the Opera,” takes the love triangle of Christine, Raoul and the Phantom 10 years into the future. The...
Oct. 4 2018
Co-president Josh Lathan, a senior psychology major, has been fascinated by the paranormal since he was a child. Lathan grew up in a house he felt had strange, macabre activity that couldn’t be explained...
Sept. 27 2018
Rich Tupica, author of City Pulse’s “Turn it Down” section, caught an obsession with Chris Bell, singer/songwriter of the fabled Big Star — one of rock ‘n’ roll’s...
Sept. 27 2018
That’s the modus operandi of David Liebe Hart, a Los Angeles musician, puppeteer, actor, painter and alleged extraterrestrial liaison. He’s bringing his traveling show back to Mac’s Bar...
Sept. 27 2018
“I think we’re gonna be around a long time,” she said. “Now that we have more breweries, we welcome them, because it makes us a destination. People will come here, just like they...
Sept. 20 2018
Ten Pound Fiddle has spent 44 years providing a platform for the folk music scene in Greater Lansing. The upcoming year of Fiddle gigs will see a consistent stream of dances, gigs and community sings flow...
Sept. 13 2018
No comedy club? No problem. Since the 2014 closing of Connxctions, the de facto Lansing comedy headquarters since 1984, local comedians have survived off support from fellow performers and a cavalcade...
Sept. 13 2018
“We met Prime Social Group several years ago through some industry connections — they were looking to expand into the Michigan market,” said Jenna Meyer, marketing director of MiEntertainment....
Sept. 13 2018
As sushi becomes a culinary mainstay in the United States, new restaurants are able to further experiment with the potential for the raw succulent cuts of fish. Enter PokéLab, an East Lansing eatery...
Sept. 6 2018
The Breslin Center is being dolled up to host comic book writers, illustrators and slingers alike as Capital City Comic Con returns Saturday for its fourth consecutive issue
Sept. 6 2018
If the measurements of the bag aren’t a proper fit for a child’s torso, it can cause painful stress on the shoulders and neck, Moore said. He finds that an optimal backpack stays thinner than...
Aug. 30 2018
Henry Potter, the last cover artist of this year’s “Summer of Art” project, grew his interest in art by sculpting clay figures as a kindergartener. Potter, 20, would have the figures...
Aug. 30 2018
Thapa said Himalayan cuisine also employs both rice and noodles equally, so the choice between the two is really up to the customer. He does not require his chefs to be intimately experienced with preparing...
Aug. 30 2018
Keeping rhythm with Lansing’s recent plunge into public art, another installation is completed — the Lansing Sidewalk Poetry Project. Selected from 76 public submissions, eight poems are permanently...
Aug. 23 2018
“We need to finish building the accelerator. We have demonstrated all the pieces of the accelerator, and we made the first beam a couple of weeks ago — which we’re celebrating,”...
Aug. 23 2018
This week’s cover artist, Candace Farmer, 64, is an East Lansing-native and former financial aid professional for Thomas M. Cooley Law School and legal secretary for Kraft Law Firm
Aug. 16 2018
It’s difficult to walk into Disc Traders, on Saginaw Highway, without immediately feeling overwhelmed. There’s a labyrinthine collection of movies on the left and right side racks, with a veritable...
Aug. 16 2018
Another year, another Cheap Issue. City Pulse has always been a proponent of thriftiness; we’ve long offered advertisers 50 percent off their rates if they include a coupon that can be used by our...