Nov. 8 2018
Known for her signature style and socially conscious commentary, Gonzalez has long been an advocate of the LGBTQ community, long before it was acceptable to do so. Armed with a M.F.A in creative writing,...
Oct. 11 2018
“Varhaus is the Germanization of the word warehouse. It reminds me that I am doing commerce, working and making things with my own hands to sell to individuals in a simple way,” said Keusch,...
Sept. 20 2018
“It was a student and faculty-led movement on campus in opposition to state-sanctioned racial oppression in Southern Africa — Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe as well as South Africa — that...
July 26 2018
Continuing its short but grand tradition, Lansing nonprofit Art in the Wild is hosting its third annual public sale and silent auction at the historic Potter House — featuring a plethora of work...
July 19 2018
“We've been fortunate enough to bring in four large traveling exhibits since we unveiled the Dart Hall of Science in 2016, each one drawing visitors from all over the region. Amazing Dinosaurs will...
July 12 2018
“We started off as a coffee roaster and the café was intended to sort of supplement and be a catalyst for the roasting end,” said Field. “But the café became what most people...
June 1 2018
FRIDAY, June 1 — Trust between the public and the media has “fractured,” the president and CEO of PBS said yesterday while visiting member station WKAR
Oct. 26 2017
An image from a previous Safe Halloween event.Courtesy Photo With near-constant news of catastrophes worldwide, it’s not surprising that parents might be hesitant to let their children go out o
Oct. 20 2017
Photo by Shruti Saripalli On Oct. 18, State Rep. Christine Greig, D-Farmington Hills, was one of several co-sponsors of a resolution that was adopted immediately in the Michigan House
Oct. 19 2017
Oct. 20-21 Imagine the worst date you’ve ever been on. Now, think about the most cringe-inducing part of that experience. That’s what you can expect from the Andromeda Community Theatre’s...
Oct. 5 2017
Oct. 8 Since its start in 2009, the East Lansing Farmers Market has been successful in bringing fresh, farm-grown Michigan produce to the community members. With an estimated 1,000 visitors on market...
Sept. 29 2017
About $40 million dollars are available for Michigan homeowners who are facing troubles with their mortgage payments or property taxes, said Mary Tomley, Director of the Homeownership Division of the