Feb. 28 2019
With legal recreational marijuana, police officers in Greater Lansing are being forced to find ways to search cars other than employing drug-sniffing dogs
Feb. 28 2019
A massive development project years in the making aims to reinvigorate an empty stretch of Michigan Avenue, connecting East Lansing to the capital city and spurring millions of dollars in economic growth...
Feb. 27 2019
The Ingham County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday evening, by 12-0 vote, approved a progressive resolution that allows all people regardless of gender to use the bathrooms of their choice in county-operated...
Feb. 25 2019
A newly formed trade association is urging state officials to tighten up medical marijuana regulations after another batch of tainted, medical bud was recalled from a dispensary in Ypsilanti
Feb. 21 2019
As state officials continue to collect far more money than they need to operate Michigan’s medical marijuana program, costs for licensed cardholders could soon get a whole lot cheaper
Feb. 20 2019
Claretta Duckett-Freeman is determined to be one of the first black women at the Lansing Fire Department.After working several years as a medic in the U.S. Army, Duckett-Freeman was quickly attracted to...
Feb. 18 2019
The registered agent for the Schor Lansing Fund, which Mayor Andy Schor uses to pay “incidental expenses,” said the mayor has probably failed to file reports required by the IRS
Feb. 15 2019
The next round of medical marijuana dispensaries to be licensed in Lansing will be held to higher standards as officials look to give preference to those who can make a larger cash investment in the city
Feb. 15 2019
As city officials try to boot Waterfront Bar & Grill from the Lansing City Market, competition from Jackson is already looking to move in for the kill — in the form of a new brewery
Feb. 13 2019
Developers, labor unions and other businesses have quietly donated nearly $170,000 to a nonprofit account that funnels funds directly to Lansing Mayor Andy Schor
Feb. 11 2019
A newly launched program at DeWitt Public Schools offers a $50 payout for high school students that are willing to squeal on their classmates for stashing aside illegal drugs, alcohol and weapons
Feb. 7 2019
Another business is looking for new digs after its eviction from a city-owned building
Feb. 7 2019
One of Lansing’s more popular coffee shops could soon find itself at risk because a developer is waging a legal battle over allegedly unpaid bills
Feb. 4 2019
John Sinclair is famous for many things. He’s a poet, civil rights activist and, certainly not least, one of Michigan’s leading potheads
Jan. 28 2019
A board member at Williamston Community Schools could face fines from the Michigan Bureau of Elections after she was anonymously exposed for a string of alleged campaign finance violations
Jan. 25 2019
It’s not “terribly attractive” to serve on Ingham County’s Board of Commissioners, explained Mark Grebner. The hours are long. The salaries are small. And the workload can pile...
Jan. 24 2019
As the unofficial flower queen of the capital city, Knostman had developed Frances Park into her throne. She lived across the street and regularly strolled the woodland trails and expansive rose gardens...
Jan. 24 2019
With John Engler’s resignation as president of Michigan State University, officials there hope to craft a renewed vision of healing and accountability on campus. It’s a refreshing mentality...
Jan. 23 2019
Four medical marijuana dispensaries are back open for business in Lansing after state officials overturned industry regulations and allowed about 70 dispensaries to re-open statewide
Rotary park signing
Jan. 22 2019
Big plans are underway for some Grand River frontage in downtown Lansing. Mayor Andy Schor signed an executive order today to rename a slice of parkland between the Lansing City Market and the Shiawassee...