Dec. 21 2018
Legislation to unify Ingham County’s district courtrooms headed to the governor’s desk after state senators approved a bill last night that could trigger the consolidation
Dec. 20 2018
Schor has kept his options open as regional efforts to consolidate district-level courtrooms gain momentum. Before plans could ever be hatched for a new city hall, officials needed to first decide where...
Dec. 20 2018
Waterfront Bar & Grill still clings to life inside the Lansing City Market while it wages a legal battle against the city of Lansing. But the owner has already locked down another location as he prepares...
Dec. 19 2018
Groesbeck Golf Course is thriving under the management of the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority as revenues soar and expenses drop by nearly 40 percent
Dec. 19 2018
How can East Lansing be more accommodating to student housing? Councilman Aaron Stephens hopes a yet-to-be-formed “task force” will help provide some of the answers
Dec. 19 2018
A popular eastside pizza shop hopes to reopen its doors later this week following a months-long tussle with the city of Lansing over various health and safety concerns
Dec. 13 2018
Public artwork at the Downtown Lansing roundabout will have to wait
Dec. 12 2018
Assistant Ingham County Prosecutor Russel Church will shift gears and start thinking like a defense attorney as he transitions into his new role guiding the county’s public defender’s office
Dec. 12 2018
The medical marijuana industry could soon roll into Meridian Township
Dec. 12 2018
More than a decade ago, Brianne Randall-Gay reported that she had been sexually assaulted by convicted rapist Larry Nassar. But after confronting Nassar, the Meridian Township police department largely...
Dec. 7 2018
The city of Lansing is finally home to its first state-licensed pot shop. Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Licensing Board — by a 4-0 vote —issued an operating license today to Homegrown...
Dec. 7 2018
It might take a while for the newcomers to adjust to the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, but many contended the widespread turnover in recent months won’t carry much of an impact
Dec. 6 2018
Friday could finally be it for up to 10 medical marijuana dispensaries provisionally licensed by the City of Lansing last week. That’s the day that the state Medical Marihuana Commission is expected...
Dec. 5 2018
Local concerns over a landfill expansion off Wood Road likely won’t stand in the way of construction plans as officials at the Department of Environmental Quality continue to explore the proposal
Dec. 5 2018
Plans to construct a five-story hotel at the “gateway” to REO Town are inching closer to reality as developers look to solidify plans for a mixed-use development off I-496 on the southeast...
Dec. 4 2018
A prosecutor will likely become Ingham County’s chief public defender
Dec. 3 2018
Ingham County officials are expected to select a candidate to fill a new, chief public defender post this week but it won’t be without concerns from the judges that preside over the courtrooms
Nov. 30 2018
It’s cold out there, and some local folks could use some help bundling up
Nov. 30 2018
Ingham County commissioners shot down a resolution that sought to condemn “racially charged” statements made by 54B District Court Judge Andrea Larkin after several lawyers came to her defense
Nov. 29 2018
Ingham County commissioners are looking to condemn what they labeled as “racially charged” statements made by 54-B District Court Judge Andrea Larkin against mixing college students with those...