March 14 2019
Irish, Scottish and Cape Breton musicians coalesce for driving Celtic bravado with this award-winning quintet of musicians from far-flung places
March 14 2019
Lansing native Danny Black has been performing as a leprechaun in local and national gigs since 1979. He is a divisive character in the little people community
March 14 2019
The funny thing is people might think this is my favorite thing because I get out on the motorcycle and sing, but I sing in my car, shower and walking down the street. Singing is a byproduct of my freedom,...
190313jdubbsub3 (1)
March 14 2019
Offering hand-sliced meats, cheeses, vegetables and house made prostini, J-Dubb’s Signature Subs brings its “Super Slam” toasted sandwiches to Lansing from its Portland roots
190306delgado (2)
March 11 2019
Guillermo Delgado thought he would make a great Catholic priest, but after two years in seminary he was kicked out with a pink slip that read “No potential for priesthood.” Now, after a career...
March 7 2019
The question of what my favorite thing is really threw me for a loop. I have some pretty interesting objects, but none of them are my favorite thing. In the context of me stepping down as poet laureate,...
March 7 2019
It was Roma Bakery’s first day in business, co-owners Filomena “Mena” Castriciano and her husband, Sostine Castriciano, were waiting eagerly to open their doors
March 7 2019
Lansing has a new fitness gym to give patrons the energy to combat the groggy bad habits of winter hibernation. Tri Fitness offers cross training, high intensity interval training, or HIIT, and a fitness...
March 5 2019
It is all hands on deck at the Roma Bakery for Fat Tuesday. Though the activity at the dessert counter seems hectic, what is going on behind the scenes is even more of a spectacle as thousands of Paczkis...
Feb. 28 2019
If you want to take a bite out of a piece of history, grab a seat at the bar of this miniature diner past Grand Ledge on M43 in the Village of Mulliken, Michigan. The somewhat lumpy yet supportive diner...
Feb. 28 2019
All ages can experience the thrills of button mashing on the latest games and technology by the hour at Lansing’s first brick and mortar gaming-rental arcade. The building also stocks two pool tables,...
Feb. 28 2019
Hunting through libraries and databases in Michigan and beyond, the Lansing Area African-American Genealogical Society, or LAAAGS, is a group of amateur genealogists focused on uncovering the past lives...
190227 Favorite Deacon Earl 4c
Feb. 28 2019
I grew up in church, so I grew up listening to blues type sounding music. It appealed to me as a young kid. But being a preacher’s son, I was only able to listen to gospel music. I found I had to...
Feb. 28 2019
The long vacant former home of the Temple Club, in Old Town, has new ownership with big plans to convert it largely to middle-income apartments
Feb. 23 2019
Before the decisive flashpoint of the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, East Lansing artist Alixandra Summitt was commissioned to do a set of painted panels one week prior to the...
Feb. 21 2019
This micro barber shop nestled in The Hive co-working space will be the latest destination for Lansing’s grizzled dudes to turn into dapper gentlemen
Feb. 21 2019
While Lansing has many great Mexican restaurants, its markets are where a lot of under-appreciated ingredients and dishes can be purchased. Here are just a few you should definitely check out
Feb. 21 2019
The nonprofit charity gallery in the Lansing Mall offering local artist exhibits and community driven art classes will close after four years in business
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 1.46.45 PM
Feb. 21 2019
Whether you are a fair-weather fan or an unapologetic elitist nerd, the Michigan State University Comics Forum has a page-turning fix for all
Feb. 15 2019
FRIDAY, Feb. 15 — Written solely on New York’s A-Train using its route time as a time limit, these bite-sized 20-minute productions detail the human experience of longing for connection when...