Nov. 20 2018
When Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” debuted in Paris in 1913, it allegedly sparked a riot from its dissonant and avant-garde notes and rhythms
Nov. 16 2018
As Christmas cheer whirs outdoors for Silver Bells, the Lansing Art Gallery will host free caricature portraits by local artist Paul McNeilly
Nov. 15 2018
Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro have one thing in common: They are both owners of a Nora Chapa Mendoza. The Detroitbased artist is expressing her history and identity —...
Nov. 15 2018
After nearly 20 years on the job, Spitz braved many challenges. He’d deal with blowtorching ice to glue down new plastic clips for light bulbs and inclement weather blowing his extension ladders...
Nov. 15 2018
After the city solicited bids in July, the Capital Area Soccer League, or CASL, was selected as the new owner of the facility after they offered $125,000 — with $25,000 down and $10,000 in annual...
Nov. 15 2018
“We were able to adjust quickly to life in Lansing,” Eshkuntana said. “There is no comparison between the life I lived in Jordan and Palestine and the life I live here. The simplest rights...
Nov. 15 2018
Using acrylics and watercolors, artist Svitlana Martynjuk explores the connection between colors, texture and emotion with her first artist reception and exhibit at the Woke Mind Body Studio in REO Town
Nov. 14 2018
It’s been 43 years since the 728-foot long Edmund Fitzgerald iron ore freighter spontaneously sank during a storm on Lake Superior, and there are still plenty of mysteries to uncover
Nov. 13 2018
Traipsing through active Middle Eastern war zones, negotiating with Sudanese warlords and staying upbeat with his German shepherd companion “Jimmy,” Ronald Quejas-Risdon lived history in his...
Nov. 9 2018
The Broad Art Lab, located across the street from the main museum, will be bustling tonight with the community’s ideas at its first “Open Call Slam.”
Nov. 8 2018
Let’s start with the base of a sandwich: the bread. The baguette is no feather pillow. Feeling the texture of authentic bread is surprising in a sandwich. In our fool’s errand quest for giant...
Nov. 8 2018
“Door Jam” sees old doors and furniture become one of a kind works of art
Nov. 7 2018
Nearly 84 years since her death, the papers of Marie Curie’s laboratory will still be radioactive for another 1,500 years
Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.42.41 AM
Nov. 6 2018
Documentaries of a struggling high school wrestling team in the rural South, troublesome rodents wreaking havoc on the Cajun coast and an introspective look at the debilitating effects of migraines come...
Oct. 25 2018
“It was drilled into us. Even from elementary school, if your family could get out of Lansing it was a success,” he said. “In high school, we had a perspective change on how we saw the...
Oct. 25 2018
“The third shifters are hanging on and they are having fun with the jukebox playing. Lunch people come in and think ‘Wow, who are these people partying so hard in the morning?’ I have...
Oct. 25 2018
“There isn't really a lot of resources for printing in Lansing, but T-shirts and apparel are things everyone loves,” Kristen said. “We learned to print with the intention of opening a...
Oct. 22 2018
Opened in 1954 as the cornerstone of the Frandor Shopping Center, Lansing’s Sears is not on Sears Holdings’ 142 store closures list issued last week after it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy
181018blues (1)
Oct. 18 2018
Two twangy blues duos take over the Robin Theatre for a classic night of Americana music with the theme “Meet Me at the Crossroads.”
Oct. 18 2018
The Detroit Red Wings alumnus is touring everywhere in Michigan, from Escanaba to Detroit, for 30 shows. However, it won’t be the first time he’s been on tour in front of a microphone. He spent...