Oct. 18 2018
This old eastside NAPA auto garage is poised to house Lansing’s newest small business incubator. Christened the Lansing Eastside Gateway, the business will sell community-made goods out of two “phases”...
Oct. 17 2018
President of Promote Michigan and “Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses” author Dianna Stampfler presents the stories of Michigan’s haunted lighthouses and private lives of lighthouse...
Oct. 16 2018
For LGBTQIA history month, Michigan State University Special Collections presents an open house of LGBTQIA portraits, limited edition books and materials.
Oct. 15 2018
In a changing job climate integrating more web and digital technology, the ability to code will be the literacy of the future
Oct. 11 2018
Bounding through dungeons, slashing swords and shaking spears against hordes of giants, slimeballs and golems, players of the video game “Rogues Like Us” enjoy a well-polished adventure. And...
Oct. 11 2018
“You spend your life trying to get better at the things you are good at. Strangely enough, I am really good at teaching strangers to make mud and play with pottery. I’ve already done this at...
Oct. 11 2018
Teens from the Reach Studio Art Center’s “Teen Open Studio” project will unveil their mural for the Salus Center, an LGBTQ resource and community center downtown
Oct. 10 2018
Theio’s, the longtime Lansing 24-hour diner that served hungover college students and late night patrons, was demolished Wednesday morning
Oct. 10 2018
Four flags flew over the contentious Fort St. Joseph in its over hundred year history as a fort and trading post. France, Great Britain, Spain, the United States and the Potawatomi Native Americans each...
Oct. 9 2018
The Poetry Room hosts monthly open mics at Robin Theatre, which can feature up to 27 participants. This week’s theme is “X’s and Spells,” which encourages poets to talk about love,...
Oct. 6 2018
Kick off Halloween season in style with the Dark Art of Michigan Halloween Soiree. Two floors of vendors will flood Michigan Avenue with their ghoulish and gargoyle-esque creations
Oct. 5 2018
Described as a social vigilante, Krish Mohan is a touring comedian who leaves no touchy and hot button topics off the table
Oct. 4 2018
U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson visited Lansing today with Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Mich., to tour apartments and businesses at the Knapp’s Centre
Oct. 4 2018
The history of escape rooms can be traced to the 2004 Japanese video game “Crimson Room,” developed by Toshimitsu Takagi. In 2007, Real Escape Games of Kyoto, Japan, recreated the video game’s...
Oct. 4 2018
This breed wasn’t created for its wolfy looks. “They were created to be a working dog by the Iron Curtain,” Wemigwans said. In 1955, the Soviet-era Czech Republic conducted experiments...
Oct. 4 2018
“Coffee is such a social drink and my goal as a coffee roaster is to always support people when they get together,” said Robert Flanders, Urban Cup proprietor and artisan coffee maker. “Whether...
Oct. 4 2018
Craft beer and craft doughnut holes make a merry match in Lansing’s first Holes and Hops event
Oct. 3 2018
Smoke is rising from the Eastside in the best way possible. Sporting a wood-burning pizza oven, smokehouse, 23 taps and up to five beers brewed on site, Arcadia Ales and Smokehouse is open after nearly...
Oct. 3 2018
Potato cupcakes, stress-ball spuds and 500 pounds of french fries will sit atop Capitol lawn to celebrate all things that come from Michigan potatoes
Sept. 28 2018
Stalwart Michigan folk band Mustard’s Retreat is visiting Lansing to celebrate its new album