Sept. 27 2018
“They always put ‘authentic Mexican restaurant’ on the sign when it’s actually Tex-Mex food,” Tacos Monterrey owner Ismael Alejandro Puente Rodriguez said. “After working...
Sept. 27 2018
The interior of the bar, sporting stained glass of Merlin the Magician, a classic jukebox, gargoyle-esque griffins and shuffle boards, might feel like a time capsule to old school bar culture. After all,...
Sept. 27 2018
Murals of pop culture icons and musicians from REO Town’s Art Attack community art project went up on the Walter French building this morning
Sept. 27 2018
Fear not prospective dog owners, the eight week Right Foot Series teaches the basics of breeds, training and pet behavior to better prepare new owners for the companionship of a canine
Sept. 26 2018
Broad Museum is abounding with opportunities to sketch, illustrate and draw
Sept. 25 2018
Challenge censorship with this special screening for national banned book week
Sept. 20 2018
The history of the rare ‘20s-era Brunswick bowling alley tucked inside Central United Methodist Church is written on its scarred pins. Generations of bowlers threw archaic rubber bowling balls down...
Sept. 20 2018
There will be vegetarian options, including a green and white grilled cheese with mozzarella and pesto, Lajcaj said. “We are working on vegetarian burgers and veggie hot dogs for coneys. We are also...
Sept. 20 2018
Decide who takes the best pairing crown, over five courses of delectable sustenance, in the first Corks versus Caps
Sept. 19 2018
Tom Carr puts Michigan’s most malicious and dastardly residents in the spotlight in his new book, “MI Bad: Robbers, Cutthroats and Thieves in Michigan's Past & Present.”
Sept. 18 2018
The 2003 modern-classic about a washed out rocker posing as a substitute teacher at a prep school gets revamped for a touring Broadway production with big stage guitar riffs and catchy tunes
Sept. 14 2018
Farha Abbasi, an associate professor of psychiatry at Michigan State University, noticed something spectacular during her residency
Sept. 14 2018
Bring popcorn and a tin foil hat to see four vintage sci-fi films detailing alien invasion and extraterrestrial life, as part of the Broad Museum’s Underground Film Festival
Sept. 13 2018
The huge downtown stone building, built in 1888 by Capitol building architect Elijah E. Myers, is a bastion of turn of the century architecture and ‘20s era installations. An original gym, bowling...
Sept. 13 2018
The time consuming process of slow cooking pork and brisket is the same, but Fidler’s tries to ease off on a heavy smoker flavor, Taylor said. “We compliment the flavor profile, rather than...
Sept. 13 2018
In 2014, Lansing comedy club Connxctions closed, leaving Lansing’s comedy scene mostly in the hands of comedy nights at local bars. Michigan State University student Tom Gannon started the first...
Sept. 13 2018
“This is what the root of what hip-hop was: Feeling the pressure and replying in a way where, ‘We will be seen, we will be heard and we will have opportunity to be a part of this whole thing
Sept. 13 2018
Explore the Baroque era of music in Lansing’s historic home with a solo performance by Arnie Tanimoto and his viola de gamba
Sept. 12 2018
Don’t stress out about vampirism when you take a late night walk to learn about Michigan’s nine species of bats
schor911 (1)
Sept. 11 2018
Lansing fire chief Dave Purchase, police chief Mike Yankowski and Mayor Andy Schor spoke at Wentworth park beside the 10 foot “H” beam salvaged from the world trade center in a day of remembrance...