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Aug. 24 2018
Bacon is running from the plates of breakfast diners to cocktail glasses and chocolate bars.The chefs at Zoobies are cooking up a special bacon themed food and drink menu for Bacon Bash 2018 — an...
Aug. 24 2018
Created by comic Louis Michael and his roommate, the Salsa Parlor comedy show is the latest evolution of home made comedy shows in East Lansing
Aug. 23 2018
Demented Mitten Tours is offering a glimpse of Lansing’s macabre by moonlight
Aug. 23 2018
Hardtack biscuits have been a staple of military rations throughout history, serving time in European trenches and ancient Roman formations. Lansing artist Jet Rosas sees these long lasting biscuits, which...
Aug. 23 2018
Fervently stitching amid the vendors at August’s Eastside Folklife Festival, quilters sewed messages of support and hope written down by attendees into quilt squares that will make up 500 quilts,...
Aug. 23 2018
Cooper’s endeavor started last year as a freshman. “I was walking home late at night and thought it would be more beneficial to use a rideshare service or CATA,” he said. “When...
Aug. 23 2018
Band together in an army of pens and pencils to take down writers block
Aug. 22 2018
Featuring Marco’s Pizza, a Kona Truck and Clint’s Hot Dog Cart, the ribbon cutting at Fairfax Apartments welcomed a new clubhouse and putting green with raffles, putting contests and more
Aug. 22 2018
Enjoy a light appetizer and a local craft brew at this event to support the national fight against Alzheimer’s
Aug. 21 2018
Looking to shore up those muscles while having fun? Tour the expansion of the Kick It Out Dance Studio and sign up for classes in dance and fitness
Aug. 20 2018
How many more photos do we have to see of the Capitol, or the Otto C. Eckert Municipal Power Plant? In this competition, Lansing’s under appreciated photogenic self can shine
Aug. 19 2018
Curious to test your mettle as a derby player? This event will teach you the basics while providing derby equipment for free. Just don’t forget to bring your mouth guard and water, said interleague...
Aug. 18 2018
Turner street will be filled to the brim for Old Town’s last festival of the summer season
Aug. 17 2018
Got a neighborhood park with a questionable reputation? Installing a disc golf course may be the most cost effective way to bring back positive traffic.
Aug. 16 2018
Michigan State University astronomers will go over mind boggling facts about our solar system and universe. Hosting public nights twice a month, the observatory opens its doors for real time views of planets...
Aug. 16 2018
Dropping their brooms and straightening their noses, 21st century witches are nothing like the spooky, but imaginary, poisoners of yesteryear. Instead of trudging into the woods at midnight for secret...
Aug. 16 2018
“My whole family has always been part of the restaurant business working for other people,” said owner Victor Banda. “We were like, 'Hey, let’s branch off and start our own thing.'”...
Aug. 15 2018
Ox roast festivities include a 10 ride carnival, the DeWitt Ox Roast Grand Parade, Dewitt Idol, Body Bubbles, a car show, an ice cream eating contest and a frog jumping contest
Aug. 15 2018
There will be racks of Saddleback BBQ ribs, 12 beers on tap, three wines on tap and two beers on English beer engines for EagleMonk Pub and Brewery’s sixth anniversary
Aug. 15 2018
Opened in May, MP Social sports riverfront views, an award winning margarita made with beets and shareable plates