Aug. 14 2018
Canning 2,500 cans an hour, McKowen said, "We now have the ability to produce the freshest beer as fast as possible
Aug. 14 2018
It’s time for Lansing to test its newfangled tech contraptions and ideas at the Fledge’s tech showcase
Aug. 12 2018
Getting poetry out of the books and into the streets, the Lansing Sidewalk Poetry Project completed its mission of etching eight local poems into prominent Lansing neighborhoods
Aug. 12 2018
Who said the weekend is the only time for entertainment? The traveling circus, with its old school charm, will be out and about in Lansing
Aug. 10 2018
There will be a folk festival gracing Lansing this year after all — complete with workshops, vendors, food trucks and 15 musical acts from a diverse blend of cultures
Aug. 10 2018
Though mojitos are a signature island drink, it is quite possible the mint that goes into today's cocktail came not from the Caribbean, but from the 5,000 acres of fertile mint farmland around St. Johns
Aug. 9 2018
Urban Systems’ main effort is to revamp the warehouse into an all purpose artistic, commercial, manufacturing and residential powerhouse, said Deehan. This approach has worked before. “We modeled...
Aug. 9 2018
Make lunch hour count. Including pizza and ice cream, $5 admission supports scholarships for Michigan’s foster children, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the capitol lawn
Aug. 9 2018
Hungry to make a difference in the community? The seventh annual Pizza Party on the Capitol Lawn for Michigan is raising money for foster children by hosting a fundraiser with pizza donated by Hungry Howie’s,...
Aug. 7 2018
This event will solve one of the most mysterious and age old questions of our time: What should we eat tonight?
Aug. 7 2018
Mayor Andy Schor kicked off the Imagine the Avenue pilot event on the 2000 block from Fairview to Clemens, as a means to test out the future of Michigan Avenue as a commercial corridor
Aug. 7 2018
Though there are no awards for this 5K, the sweaty work will not go to waste — proceeds will ensure Ingham, Clinton and Eaton County seniors get Christmas presents
Aug. 6 2018
Mayor Schor is kicking off Imagine the Avenue, a new take on bike, parking and car lanes on the 2000 block of Michigan Avenue. The city has plans to expand down the commercial corridor, dep
Aug. 6 2018
Bathtubs careened through Bath’s Main Street at 26 miles per hour at Bath Days 2018. A rookie in a former champion bathtub machine took the crown this year for the Bath Township Fire Department,...
Aug. 5 2018
Garnering over 50 million views online, and winning “America’s Got Talent” in 2017, 13-year-old musical ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer will bring her cast of Petunia the Diva Rabbit,...
Aug. 4 2018
Bold abstract textile pattern work, illustrations and paintings complete ERI VK’s repertoire.“I think most of my artwork is about missed communication between people,” said VK. “There...
Aug. 4 2018
He’s built an egg made of thousands of sheet marble fragments from the Michigan Train Station, a wooden arc made from an 1893 barn and a pyramid made from 2,109 illegally dumped tires in Detroit
Aug. 3 2018
Lansing zookeepers are inviting people to hit the lanes to raise funds for black rhino conservation
Aug. 2 2018
With Lansing’s own Taylor Taylor playing jazz in the wind, and ScrapFest 2018’s top prize-winner “The Butterfly Effect” clinking along with its silver butterflies at the new Hope...
Aug. 2 2018
The city hopes to get 400 responses from Lansing citizens, in order to catalogue their thoughts on the potential new layout, which will see the road cut down to three lanes in order to make way for an...