Oct. 18 2018
Longtime arts patron Selma Hollander, who died in August at age 101, donated millions to Michigan State University, along with her husband, marketing Professor Stanley Hollander. One of her last big donations...
Oct. 11 2018
Next Thursday’s Lansing Symphony season opener will end with one of the most thunderous thumpings in all of symphonic music, Respighi’s “Pines of Rome,” a panoply of sonic pageantry...
Oct. 11 2018
“One of my daughters got interested in 1940s big band music when she was about 12,” Fleming said. “I said, ‘Where are you getting this?’ ‘YouTube.’ She wanted...
Oct. 4 2018
The music swirled with Monkish eddies and whirlpools, giving Aldana lots of room for one of her favorite ploys — sauntering behind the beat, daring you to think she’s lagging behind, only to...
Oct. 3 2018
This weekend, the Michigan Retailers Association is out to remind shoppers of the many reasons to “think before you click,” step into the sunshine (or the freshening rain) and buy your stuff...
Sept. 27 2018
Most folks who grew up in a mostly white suburb have probably gotten an earful over the dinner table about how coddled prisoners are in the United States. A dear, but cruelly misled relative, once told...
Sept. 20 2018
Just when a heartbroken McCray started to sing about getting on a freight train and not caring where it goes, a real North Lansing locomotive howled outside my window like a mate-less, 20-ton elk. It howled...
Sept. 20 2018
Charles Pollock was a master of color and form in his own right, a questing mind, a meticulous teacher and a great dancer to boot, but he was used to being introduced as the brother of Jackson. Far from...
Sept. 13 2018
From a cool modernist cube perched on the banks of the Grand River to a massive edifice with a third-floor, tunnel-shaped ballroom, Sunday’s tour of Lansing’s Moores River Drive neighborhood...
Sept. 6 2018
You don’t have to enroll at Lansing Community College to learn stuff. If you wander into the place by mistake —fooled by the drab architecture into thinking this is where you check in with...
Long shot
Sept. 5 2018
The familiar red awning of Emil’s Restaurant is back, and more blasts from the Eastside’s past are on the way
Aug. 30 2018
The next morning, Cole, 86, was up at 8 a.m., contemplating breakfast on the back porch of the home of jazz patrons Gregg and Lois Mummaw. Between bites, he graciously took questions from City Pulse’s...
Aug. 30 2018
She bent over a second figure. “They worked on this one, bent the wire. Now I have to figure out how the arm goes back in.” Andrews came to Lansing to repair her vandalized sculpture, “There...
Aug. 30 2018
The beech’s wine-red leaves, its elephantine trunk (59 inches in diameter) and expansive, peacock-like spread — wider and taller than the house itself — have sheltered passers-by, wedding...
Aug. 28 2018
TUESDAY, Aug. 28 — A new rule proposed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency last week would ease pollution restrictions and squeeze more life out of the nation’s aging fleet of coal-fired...
Aug. 23 2018
When Hollander moved to East Lansing in 1958 with her husband, MSU business Professor Stanley Hollander, the couple embarked on a half-century-long rampage through the city’s cultural life, attending...
Aug. 16 2018
“Black in White America,” a compelling selection of 35 Freed prints at Old Town’s MICA Gallery, will be on view Aug. 23 at 6 p.m., accompanied by a talk from Helen Mickens, the first...
Aug. 16 2018
To anyone who attended concerts, plays, gallery openings and other arts events in Greater Lansing in the past 10 years, Selma Hollander was the stunning nonagenarian in the red beret and lipstick, avidly...
Aug. 9 2018
Hocking is best known for erecting temporary, site-specific sculptures out of found materials in abandoned factories and other sites in his native Detroit
Aug. 9 2018
The goal this year, Denny said, is to “come back bigger and better,” with improved lighting and sound and more amenities. Wine tasting from Traverse Wine Coast and Lansing Brewing Co. beers...