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March 14 2019
March winds knocked on the doors of Williamston United Methodist Church Sunday as Pastor Linda Stephan told her congregation she was giving up “a number of things” for Lent. She warmed...
March 7 2019
This is art that makes you lean in, step back, circle around and lean in again
March 7 2019
This is where it starts to get real. A national consultant met with Lansing’s art community last week to explore the long-cherished dream of a downtown performing arts center
Feb. 28 2019
Alison Chesley, a wandering samurai cellist who performs under the name Helen Money, will play an instrument not often heard at Mac’s Bar Wednesday
Feb. 27 2019
Last fall, Joshua Risner spent a lot of days and nights in a strange dialogue with Malcolm X. At times, their faces were inches apart
Feb. 27 2019
Until recently, visible signs that Malcolm X spent most of his youth, from 1928 to 1940, in Lansing, could be counted on one hand. Slowly, the seeds of a pilgrimage are being sown
Feb. 21 2019
The rarity of jazz harp is a draw on its own, but Brandee Younger doesn’t lug her harp down the stairs of Manhattan’s Zinc bar at 2 a.m. for novelty’s sake. Younger is a harp warrior...
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Feb. 21 2019
There is a sweet symmetry to Detroit violinist Regina Carter’s Ella Fitzgerald tribute project, coming to the Wharton Center Friday
Feb. 21 2019
It wasn’t unusual for Andy Schor to stick around after a press conference to take a few questions. But the first question was a bit striking. “Whoooo?”
Feb. 21 2019
We’ve all seen that hairline, but few people have studied it as carefully as Sauer has. One of the 20th century’s most famous images is Alfred Eisenstadt’s Life magazine photo of a celebratory...
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Feb. 14 2019
Timothy Muffitt, Lansing Symphony Orchestra music director and conductor, has stepped down — from his other gig, as music director of the Baton Rouge Symphony
Feb. 7 2019
Dog walkers, wildlife lovers and strollers emerged from last week’s deep freeze Sunday to find a prized patch of forest in Scott Woods, north of Hawk Island County Park, marked off by stakes and...
Feb. 7 2019
Seated like a Cyclopean cube of lime Jell-O in the exurban sprawl north of East Lansing, the headquarters of the MSU Federal Credit Union will never be mistaken for the Village Vanguard, Birdland or the...
Jan. 24 2019
There was a mighty wedding feast. The food was ambrosial, but everyone sat on the floor. People were welcomed off the street. The cake, a frosted castle 20 feet high, came apart into little boxes that...
Jan. 24 2019
In its first week under the microscope, the particle has already demonstrated that it attracts rather than repels. A gentleman and a scholar, a collaborator and a listener, a University Distinguished Professor...
Jan. 24 2019
After nearly 20 vacant years and a dozen false starts and failed plans, the eight-story former senior apartment complex at the corner of Ionia Street and Capitol Avenue is finally getting a full-on, $14...
Jan. 17 2019
It was the last time they saw each other. In April 1968, five days after King was shot, Franklin sang “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” to mourners at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. Nearly...
Jan. 17 2019
The gentlemanly voice of former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder seems out of touch with the screamers and shouters of today’s politics
Jan. 17 2019
The enriching root of education and its potent fruit, voter registration, were life and death matters in the segregated South. King was determined to recruit help. Although his responsibilities were multiplying...
Jan. 17 2019
Starting alone, she played a descending, chime-like benediction that instantly changed the air in the room. The strings gently took up the chiming motif, leaving Kondonassis to build counter-melodies that...