Jan. 25 2018
There appear to be no blacks on the teaching staff at LCHS. The 2017 Cougar yearbook, “Evolve,” shows 35 teachers and eight administrators, counselors and chaplains. It’s impossible to...
Jan. 25 2018
But the first velvet art exhibit ever mounted in Michigan, according to the curators, is no stunt. That collective purr is a bold assertion of pride in paintings that are usually dismissed as kitschy junk
Jan. 18 2018
The arts were barely mentioned in the first roadmap developed by Lansing Mayor Andy Schor’s transition team, but they are on his radar screen now. As Schor’s transition team on economic development...
Jan. 11 2018
Coming near the end of a string of subzero days and nights, at the post-holiday nadir of winter gloom, the golden horn, golden tone and golden grin of soloist David Cooper was the most timely musical intervention...
Jan. 11 2018
From the segregated lunch counters of 1950s Nashville, to hushed buses threading the hostile highways of the Deep South, to the sweaty meeting halls and phone rooms that wove the civil rights movement...
Jan. 9 2018
Annual Martin Luther King concert wades into healing waters
Jan. 4 2018
Despite his exalted position in the world of symphonic music, he said it’s a “dream come true” to come back to the house where he was raised, on St. Joseph Street, near the “new...
Jan. 4 2018
Not so much. Michael Lynn III is one of four student football players — the LCHS 4 — who knelt in protest during the national anthem at football games in 2017, in the manner of national figures...
Jan. 4 2018
Soon after the Dec. 8 Lansing Catholic vs. Williamston High School basketball game at Williamston, allegations began to spread on social media that developer Pat Gillespie, a Lansing Catholic alumnus with...
Jan. 3 2018
On Feb. 10, Israeli-born clarinetist Anat Cohen, one in a series of major jazz artists-in-residence to visit MSU’s Jazz Studies program, performed with the student octet
Dec. 21 2017
Only he’s not so local anymore. Rich Koz (pronounced “Koze”), 65, has donned the top hat and punch-in-the-eye face paint of Svengoolie for 40 years, on and off. Generations of Chicago...
Dec. 21 2017
BWL General Manager Dick Peffley said that with the new plant on line, the utility will be completely coal-free by the time the aging Erickson Station closes in 2025. The utility’s other baseload...
Dec. 14 2017
We’re not talking about a couple of chartered accountants who moonlight in the town square after a pint or two. In the world of brass bands, Steven Mead is an über-poobah of the euphonium, a...
Dec. 7 2017
It’s not hard to understand how Biggby exploded from one East Lansing café in 1995 to 230 franchises this year, with another 12 slated to open in early 2018. Just check out a famous scene...
Dec. 7 2017
Mittwede flew in from Austin, Texas, to be at the reunion. He answered every greeting with a nervous quip, but was obviously moved by the sight of so many old friends. He had an advance copy of Delavan’s...
Nov. 30 2017
It took much longer than he expected — two years in all, between other projects. Everybody thinks that when they retire, they can putter together a children’s book. Kimble found that polishing...
Nov. 30 2017
For 30 years, an obsessive Cooley professor has built up a staggering collection of posters, photographs, original art and odd objects that jump across the history of blues and rock ‘n roll, from...
Nov. 22 2017
“This gym space was used to play bas ketball, to host fun events, quinceañeras (15th birthday parties for girls), social activities,” Garcia said. “Today we use this gym as a space...
Nov. 22 2017
Another tune, “Mambo Italiano,” calls for a half-shouted, half-sung “hey.” “Everybody plays soccer,” he tells the boys. “You make a goal, yell ‘Aaaay.’”...
Nov. 22 2017
Sunday was the troupe’s last day of rehearsal at its Old Town studio. The crew moved the show into the Wharton Center for rehearsals Monday, complete with an impressive flotilla of scenery and costumes,...