June 21 2017
One of jazz’s most powerful duos will finish off the Kozmic Picnik, the avant-garde arm of the East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival Saturday afternoon next to MSU’s Broad Art Museum....
June 21 2017
Robert Richardson studies the interplay of the economy and environment at MSU. He’s a quiet, in-the-trenches researcher and a national park fanatic. (He’s been to almost all of them.) He isn’t...
June 15 2017
Dundas, 43, has worked at Ingham Community Health Center for about two years as a physician assistant, specializing in transgender patients. In little over a year, she has built up a clientele of about...
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June 7 2017
When they all had hefted the bolt, Henshaw pulled out a blue light from the bridge and flashed it on and off. In between the razzle-dazzle, he snuck in a lot of information about the principles behind...
May 24 2017
As we toured the airy atrium, a worker on a high platform was stringing dozens of wires overhead, getting ready for a hundredpiece hanging sculpture by Lansing glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith. The central...
May 24 2017
The Lansing Symphony and guest percussionist Lisa Pegher created something new in the orchestra’s season finale Friday. The world premiere of “Northern Nights,” an ambitious electro acoustic...
May 24 2017
After a year filled with muscular works of 20th-century titans Stravinsky and Shostakovich and bold strokes like Friday’s electro-acoustic world premiere, the 2017-18 season largely retreats to more...
May 17 2017
“It’s going to look like I’m Lisa the soloist, playing a bunch of drums at the front of the stage, but what’s going to come out of my setup is another whole sound world that nobody’s...
May 17 2017
From 60 acres of solar carports going up on the MSU campus to the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s growing solar arrays to a 1,000-panel community solar “garden” in an East Lansing park,...
May 11 2017
The other one we’ll get to in a minute. Bill Meyers wrestled at the school in the late ‘60s, just after it snagged Class B wrestling championships in 1961 and 1963. Meyers is burly, shaven-headed...
May 4 2017
In contrast to the video barrages favored by founding Broad Art Museum director Michael Rush, “The Transported Man” carries no trace of the super-saturated digital matrix taking over the world...
May 4 2017
Vincent Delgado, co-founder of Lansing’s Refugee Development Center and briefly a member of the Lansing City Council, sarcastically called the Council’s decision to reverse a sanctuary city...
May 4 2017
U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers handily defeated Alexander in two congressional runs in 2004 and 2008, the worst in a series of electoral setbacks that encouraged Alexander to stick to a role for which he was bust...
April 26 2017
There have been heady days of political protest in Michigan’s history, but none as heady as Saturday’s March for Science
April 26 2017
Broad Art Museum´s "The Transported Man" is Marc-Oliver Wahler´s grand entrance A lot of people already think contemporary art is a trick. Marc-Olivier Wahler doesn’t argue the point...
April 26 2017
In late January 2016, Alexander was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought it off with his trademark energy and dry humor for over a year, surprising even those who had strained to keep up with the...
April 19 2017
“We have to be cree-ayyy-tive,” he said, warping the word into a wormhole. “We have to keep watering the plants and keep making more, better telescopes
April 12 2017
In spite of all the talk about a post-truth society, Mark Auslander insists that he “is not willing to give up on the truth thing.”
April 5 2017
Lansing jazz lovers know Hill, along with his wife, Lois Mummaw, as patrons of the arts and supporters of the local jazz scene. But this month, he will be publicly outed as a thoughtful, prolific composer...
March 29 2017
On Tuesday, Lansing’s Capital City Film Festival will open with a special screening of Michael Radford’s 1984 film version, with John Hurt as Winston, the transgressive free thinker, and Richard...