April 26 2017
There have been heady days of political protest in Michigan’s history, but none as heady as Saturday’s March for Science
April 26 2017
Broad Art Museum´s "The Transported Man" is Marc-Oliver Wahler´s grand entrance A lot of people already think contemporary art is a trick. Marc-Olivier Wahler doesn’t argue the point...
April 26 2017
In late January 2016, Alexander was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought it off with his trademark energy and dry humor for over a year, surprising even those who had strained to keep up with the...
April 19 2017
“We have to be cree-ayyy-tive,” he said, warping the word into a wormhole. “We have to keep watering the plants and keep making more, better telescopes
April 12 2017
In spite of all the talk about a post-truth society, Mark Auslander insists that he “is not willing to give up on the truth thing.”
April 5 2017
Lansing jazz lovers know Hill, along with his wife, Lois Mummaw, as patrons of the arts and supporters of the local jazz scene. But this month, he will be publicly outed as a thoughtful, prolific composer...
March 29 2017
On Tuesday, Lansing’s Capital City Film Festival will open with a special screening of Michael Radford’s 1984 film version, with John Hurt as Winston, the transgressive free thinker, and Richard...
64. Leibermans
March 29 2017
In 2011, Price sold his mother’s Lansing home, designed by Kenneth Black, and used some of the proceeds to tear the roof from the former Liebermann’s down to the deck, stripping away layers...
March 22 2017
Music lovers are always searching for an evening that will take them out of themselves, but out-of-body experiences are rare, let alone out-ofspecies ones
March 22 2017
Back in Hawaii, Young, a stalwart of Louis Armstrong’s All-Stars for many years, dedicated a tune to young Herwig. Almost immediately, Herwig announced to his parents he wanted to be Trummy Young....
March 22 2017
Since 2000, limited rehab work and selective demolition have nibbled at the fringes of the long-derelict campus on Lansing’s near west side, but the campus’ century-old, hulking centerpieces,...
March 15 2017
In retrospect, it’s amazing that Lansing’s Scott House made it all the way to a wintry Monday morning two days ago, when its demolition began to make room for a Board of Water & Light substation
March 8 2017
It’s not easy to utter the name of Organissimo’s new Beatles tribute CD, featuring Lansing-based Hammond B-3 organist Jim Alfredson, guitarist Lawrence Barris and drummer Randy Marsh
March 8 2017
The Lansing Symphony’s opener Saturday night, Soviet-era composer Alfred Schnittke’s Suite from “Dead Souls Register,” was like a 19th-century Russian music box rescued from the...
March 8 2017
The Capital Area District Libraries system has gone through some changes since Maureen Hirten became executive director in 2011, but the heart of the job hasn’t changed
March 8 2017
Simplification and de-cluttering are key goals of the project. Circulation and information services will both be found at the big new front desk, instead of separate stations. The old glass partition between...
March 1 2017
Rain drummed on the roof of a workshop near Lake Lansing Thursday where two boat-shaped, basket-like frames lay upturned on worktables
March 1 2017
Energy efficiency isn’t as glamorous as shiny solar arrays or vast wind farms, but this month’s targeted push has the potential to expand throughout Lansing, taking pressure off the city’s...
March 1 2017
Saturday’s Lansing Symphony Orchestra concert is a deep dive through three generations of epic Russian music, culminating in the most powerful of all 20th century symphonies, Dmitri Shostakovich’s...
Feb. 22 2017
After a long day as a minority voice in Michigan’s Republican-controlled Legislature, Rep. Andy Schor likes to unwind with a book before bed