Feb. 28 2019
They fly, they sing, they swing on ropes and vines. They even bounce on trampolines, but — most of all — they dance
Feb. 7 2019
An intimate confession; the use of light-hearted humor to shine a light into the darkest corners of one’s despair
Feb. 7 2019
Imagine a New York City subway car hurtling down a track at breakneck speed in early morning darkness. A writer observes a homeless man taking off well-worn tennis shoes to cool his feet, careful not to...
Nov. 29 2018
We soon discover that this is a play largely about farts and fart jokes. No warm and fuzzy Christmas “Gift of the Magi” story. Rather, yet another “If a deer shits in the forest,”...
Nov. 8 2018
Remember the draft? Many, of course, do not. It was abolished in 1973. What does it do to the mind of a young man, 18 to 22 years old, to be informed you were going to war in Vietnam? A war no one declared,...
Oct. 25 2018
Becker, who is in late mid-life, is loosely in charge of the group. He suffers stoically through the horrendous consequences of a gut wrenching back story. He has a son imprisoned for murder, a quagmire...
Oct. 17 2018
Jeff Daniels is not just any man, nor is his artistic director Guy Sanville. Together, they have concocted a laughable romp through the secret lives of Midwestern homemakers, whose main claim to fame is...
Oct. 4 2018
Hired at Harvard to do nothing more than be a “computer,” mapping the stars to create an inventory of all there is in the night sky, Leavitt develops a series of hypotheses relating to the...
Sept. 13 2018
Ixion Theatre Ensemble's new production opens to a dark desolate room where a woman is scattering a fresh circle of chalk dust around a tiny portion of a minuscule stage. We are informed in the program...
Aug. 9 2018
Daniel’s words in this opening number are crisp. Wanda (Rachel Mender) delivers them furiously, while her sister Norma (Kat Cooper) busily makes dozens of peanut butter balls for Father Harvey’s...
July 12 2018
A well-worn, waxed and polished plank factory floor bears a faded inscription, “Loose lips sink ships.” It invites us to the story of the women of World War II who built B-52 bombers at a plant...
June 21 2018
Whoop-whoop-whoop! A bevy of boisterous female beauties sitting immediately in front of me, hooting and holler ing, set the tone for Saturday night’s performance of Owosso Community Players’...
June 7 2018
The title “Out of Orbit” suggests an object on an unintentional elliptical path, out of sync with expectations, doomed to crash and burn.Emily Sutton-Smith is Sara, jet propulsion scientist...
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May 30 2018
The title “Out of Orbit” suggests an object on an unintentional elliptical path, out-of-sync with expectations, doomed to crash and burn
April 27 2018
Out of the dustbin crypt of literary history, a witty new superhero phoenix takes flight. Ladies and gentlemen, I present “Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Elusive Ear,” now playing...
April 26 2018
Director Tom Ferris is more of an impresario than a director, having been nudged by Riverwalk’s Sandy Norton to check out the script. He then embarked on a year-long journey of finding a cast of...
April 26 2018
Spring has arrived and along with it, the latest Owosso Community Players big musical, “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike,” written by famous Russian novelist Anton Chekov Wait. This is not...
March 22 2018
Walking into the theater, one observes Bob Nees’ intricate set design, a highly convincing Victorian-era sitting room. Exotic set dressing by Carol Ferris and unique properties provided by Sharon...
March 22 2018
The title “Broke-ology” is explained up front as the study and science of being broke and, in this case, black. The play, however, is also about a whole lot more than that
March 8 2018
Emily Clark is Carol Gelling, a burned-out, overwrought farmer in Blackhawk, Wisconsin, who discovers the calf while walking her small acreage. A flood of phone calls and visitors ensue, based on a photo...