Acudetox Ear Acupuncture

Tuesday, Nov. 28
From 6 to 7:30 p.m.

335 Seymour Ave, Suite D
Lansing MI 48933

Experience Ear Acupuncture in a relaxing setting.

Ear Acupuncture Detoxification is a holistic, complimentary remedy to assist in healing: anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, insomnia, grief, ADHD, headaches, pain, poor appetite, and other imbalances.

The first portion of the session will include education and Q&A. The second portion will include a treatment so you can experience it for yourself!

The session will take place in a calm atmosphere with relaxing music, dim lighting, and good company.


COST: $5.00 per person (covers materials) + $1.27 Registration Fee

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