The Poetry Room: PoetsResist PartII

Tuesday, Nov. 28
From 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

1105 S. Washington
Lansing MI 48910
FEATURING: Lisa Folkmire and Santino DallaVecchia

For everyone who enjoyed Strange Matter Coffee Co. Poet's Resist event! We are still here. We are still angry. And we are thrilled to be working with Lisa Folkmire and Santino Dallavecchia to bring some more revolution to Lansing. Both Lisa and Santino are Vermont College of Fine Art folks; Lisa is an alumn, and Santino is a current student. Come equipped with your most lethal, topical, politically-charged poems. Let's get on stage together and deliver our most eloquently stated "fuck you"s to the Cheeto in Chief and all of the damage his administration has and intends to cause. Come with your stories, your emotion, and your friends.

To sign up to read at the Poets Resist Chapter 2 Open Mic,
email Masaki and Grace at thepoetryroomfolks@gmail.com.
The Poetry Room events have loose dress codes that are encouraged, but not enforced:
Tonight, we'll dress up in our favorite vintage styles; whether it's the iconic fashion of the 60's or the 1860's, all time periods are welcome!

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