Balance and Core Class

Monday, Feb. 19
From 1 to 2 p.m.

4406 Okemos Road
Okemos Míchigan

6 week session

Monday, January 8 - Monday, February 26

NO CLASS on Monday 1/15 or Monday 2/19

1 -2 pm

Cost: $60 for members / $70 nonmembers /

$15 drop in

Taught by: Heather Vaughn –Southerland

Building a strong core comes with many key benefits:

Most daily activities require core muscles and building a strong core, with muscle that work together , effectively means a day without untroubled with balance, back pain, standing up or sitting down. Often exercising the core is thought of as an abdominal workout, with a flat stomach as the goal. Abs certainly play a part in it, but the core matters for everyone. Benefits of core exercise include the following:

· Improves balance

· Improves back pain

· Improves posture

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