Friends in Times of Peace and War: The Lessor-Known Relationship between Russia and America

Thursday, March 15
From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

2827 Eyde Parkway
East Lansing MI 48823

Turn on the news on any given day and you will probably see a story that involves Russia and the United States. The present state of relations between the two countries can be confusing when one considers the long and eventful history, often left out of the textbooks.

Friends in Times of Peace and War: The Lesser-Known Relationship between Russia and America is a new class being offered at LCC's East Campus, The six week class will highlight the uncommonly known role that Russia has played during conflicts in American history from the Revolutionary War to the present. Join us to discover the fascinating past and consider the many facets of a complicated relationship.

Topics of discussion range from a variety of events such as the historical background of the Romanovs to the demise of the Soviet Union and the rise of Vladimir Putin.

The class instructor is Dr. Peter J. Piveronus, Adjunct Professor of History and Humanities, the author of several books on Modern Russia.

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