Tell Yo Mama

Friday, Feb. 16
From 8:30 to 11:30 p.m.

1213 Turner St
Lansing MI 48906
(517) 331-8440


Tell Yo Mama is a seven piece Soulful, Funky Rock group from Lansing Michigan. The mission is to make music that moves you! TYM has the groove sauce to keep the party going all night and wear some holes in them shoes. The band has a wide range of stylistically diverse original music. Delving into Soul, Funk, Rock, the Blues and much more. As our world moves through timeless cyclical patterns of reoccurrence and change, one thing remains the same .... PEOPLE LOVE TO DANCE! People love to get down to some great music and forget about their troubles. Even if just for a little while. Tell Yo Mama is here to carry the torch and continue the legacy of creative groove heavy tunes.

The ones who make this funk machine run include:
- Jacqueline Baldori: vocals, percussion
- Lucas Holliday: vocals, percussion
- Eric Kloeckner: keys, vocoder, percussion, harmonica
- Martin Mclean: saxophone, keys, vocals
- Adrian Bryant: bass guitar
- Michael Loomis: guitar
- Ray Crane: drums, percussion, vocals, manager

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