Drawn to Print Art Exhibition, (SCENE) Metrospace, Department of Art, Art History, and Design

Sunday, Aug. 12
From 12 to 5 p.m.

110 Charles St.
East Lansing MI 48823

Drawn to Print
A national juried exhibition of works on paper exploring drawing and printmaking.

July 27- August 31, 2018

DRAWN TO PRINT is the result of a national call and features works on paper that explore the ways in which the diverse and inclusive mediums of drawing and printmaking converge and are completely separate. The path followed by a brayer can begin with a pencil, a mouse, a cut, or a maybe a stencil. There is no limit to the ideas that can be explored through drawing or printmaking. The presence of the artist in these processes can be at the forefront or separated by many layers of information. Surfaces can be additive or subtractive. Lines and forms can be ink, paint, graphite, thread, a cut or a tear. The work in this exhibition meets with the act of one material being pulled across the surface of another.

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