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Three No-Stress Tips for Tidying Up at Holiday Time


(NAPSI)—If the holidays are at your house this year, you may find they can be even more magical when you have a good plan for cleaning up before and after the company comes. 



Keep Holiday Hosting A Delight, Not A Chore 



As you prepare for the season­—and all the celebrating it entails—keep these home cleaning tips in mind…and look forward to stressing less and spending more time with your loved ones.



Treat stains right: Chocolate. Cranberry sauce. Wine. For every food option on the table, there are just as many stains that could arrive with that delicious meal. Using Ensueño Liquid Detergent, which has both stain-fighting power and color-fading protection, can mean a deep clean that ensures clothes and tablecloths come out bright and stain-free.



Keep cleanup simple: After everyone’s gone home, there may still be some chores to be done. Make your life easier by wiping down surfaces with Pinalen Multipurpose Cleaner to quickly deodorize and deep clean the house from top to bottom.



Don’t forget a scent: When your home smells great, people will know it’s clean, so don’t forget to tidy up with aromatic products such as Pinalen Original. Not only does it freshen, clean, and degrease, but the pine oil smells just like the holiday season.



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