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It is a shame that so many people are viewing the Covid 19 crisis as a political issue. This is a public health crisis.

I have noticed a frequent misrepresentation of Corona as just like the flu. I have also seen people claim the only people dying are people with severe comorbities. Both of these claims are false. First and foremost, the mortality rate for symptomatic diagnoses of the flu compared to Covid show that Covid is much more deadly. The data is public information. Secondly, while it is true that greater than 80% of the fatalities had some other health issue, these people are being killed by Covid when they most likely would not have died from some other form of pneumonia from the flu or a bacterial infection.

People need to be patient, disciplined, and optimistic. Once we have adequate testing, we can get back to work!

From: Michigan's flattening curve has a mixed message

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