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Your political bias overshadows your refusal to see the obvious. No one has yet to explain how almost 400,000 unfolded "mail-in" ballots appeared @ 3:51 AM at COBO hall on 11-3-20. I have the video stored in a safe place. The fact that a RINO looked into the matter is of no consequence. A whore house owner tells you he's looked into your complaint & there is no nefarious action here, despite all the male traffic & scantily dressed women. Are you proud of your vote for Sleepy Joe? Name 1 thing he's done that isn't an action to destroy our American way of life or been made not under the influence of the CCP. I guess you also refute Antrim County? Please grow a pair or stop pretending to be a journalist. You're actually trying to be an "influencer". Michigan is run by the Detroit machine & until that is corrected, lemmings will always follow, even over the cliff of destruction.

From: Next stop: Citizens initiative to force ‘forensic audit’

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