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Preuss looks back on 40 years of ‘magic’ between people and pets

At the corner of Caesar Chavez Avenue and Cedar Street in Lansing’s Old Town stands a brightly painted edifice that invites folks into the land of Preuss Pets. There’s a towering waterfall display and a rainforest facade painted on the outside wall, a mural from a local artist.
Out on the Town

Hallobean Party at Soldan’s Pet Supplies

Love dogs? Love cats? And do you love Halloween, costumes and candy? Well, of course you do! You also obviously know that the only thing better than enjoying all those things, is enjoying them all at the same time. 

Flash in the Pan: Squash spaghetti

This grumpy farmer who lives in the foothills south of town brings the most amazing produce to market. I call him Mr. Sunshine. His blustery attitude practically dares market-goers to buy his vegetables each Saturday. But his regular customers chuckle at the vibes and focus on the produce, which is usually much more inviting than his attitude and so cheap that the other farmers grumble. Everyone, customers and grumblers alike, marvels at his productivity, and wonders how it is that he can coax such a gorgeous bounty from the Earth, all by himself.

Good Truckin’ Diner and Detroit Frankie’s make a wonderful combo

Detroit Frankie’s Pizza and Deli, which has served wood-fired pizza fare in various locations for several years, and Good Truckin’ Diner, which started tickling palates literally as a truck and then as a diner in REO Town, are partners in yum.

Michigan-centric books to check out this fall

Here in Mid-Michigan the leaves may still be a couple of weeks from turning into spectacular works of natural art, but that’s not stopping Michigan State University Press and Wayne State University Press from publishing some important works of poetry, essays and history. In the next few weeks watch for interviews with the authors in City Pulse.

The Lebowsky Center’s ‘Evita’ has flash and star power

I believe the Lebowsky Center for the Performing Arts could take an odd, sometimes dull and mostly forgettable musical and make it a must-see show. Its production of “Evita” is proof.

Favorite Things: Jesse Gonzales and his Virgen de Guadalupe collection

I started this collection sometime after 1976. I probably couldn’t point out the first one, but it probably came from one of my trips to Mexico. I’d buy one or two there and take pictures of all the murals and artwork around the cities. I got more every time my wife, Juana, and I visited a different city or different locale, including Mexico City, Oaxaca and all along the Southwest border and Pacific side of Mexico. We were collecting things that were different than what we’d normally find in Michigan. 


Now that October is well into the groove, spooky season has entered full swing. There’s still all sorts of gothic attractions and events for you to check out across the Greater Lansing area. Here’s a handy guide to get you started as we approach Halloween and all its nightmarish festivities. 

Fall weed snack guide: Pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice

It’s no secret in the City Pulse office that I’m obsessed with fall-inspired flavors: Pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon and hazelnut pastries, maple syrup and salted caramels, spiced apple ciders and donuts, toasted marshmallows and a shot or two of bourbon to help stay warm by the fire.
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