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Is East Lansing’s best Greek restaurant inside a sports bar?

 By KYLE KAMINSKI  You don’t have to be a Michigan State University student or alum to find some nostalgia in kicking back and watching the game at a sports bar in a college town …
Flash in the Pan

Prepping perfect peppered pickles

Some of the best chefs I know are vegetable farmers, preparing their own produce in their home kitchens during the heat of summer. With a hungry crew grumbling in the fields, time is of the essence, …
Out on the Town

Events and Happenings in Lansing This Week: Aug. 3

Wednesday, August 3  25th Annual Muelder Summer Carillon Concert Series - 6 p.m. Beaumont Tower at MSU, W. Circle Dr., East Lansing.   50 over Fitness - Meridian 50 …
Lansterdam in Review: Farewell

Ending it on a high note

Well, this is it: The final Lansterdam in Review by me. After more than two years of blowing through more weed than I’d care to measure in order to bring you this column every week, it’s …

Author remembered for penning ‘The Bible’ of Michigan architecture

With the recent death of Kathryn Anne Omoto, the Mitten State lost one of its true architectural history buffs. The author died at her home in Elk Rapids, Michigan, this past week. She was …
New In Town

A grand re-opening: A fixture returns to Downtown Lansing

By SARAH SPOHN  Downtown Lansing residents and workers can once again get their pie and eat it too. On July 5, Grand Traverse Pie Company reopened its Washington Square store following nearly …
Behind the Curtain

‘Big Fish’ brings a magical, diverse show to Riverwalk

How does one come to terms with a fantastically imaginative father who’s painted a world of witches and giants? That’s a key conflict in the upcoming Riverwalk production of “Big …

Eyesore of the Week: Aug. 3rd

1516 Old Mill Lane,  Lansing     This red-tagged property has boarded-up windows, an air-conditioning unit hanging precariously from another window, a collapsed porch and …

Emily Dievendorf surprise winner over Horford in state House race

Dievendorf appears to have token Republican opposition, so she seems headed to victory on Nov. 8.

News highlights from the last 7 days: Aug. 3

Harry’s Place kept busy Saturday (July 30) as it marked its 100th anniversary with tents and live music in its parking lot as well as packed tables inside the westside …

MSU bomb scare considered part of national trend

MONDAY, Aug. 1 — A bomb threat that evacuated and closed Fee Hall on the Michigan State University Campus Monday afternoon has been  “determined this incident is related to other …
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'The Realistic Joneses' plumbs marriage, gets big laughs
''The Realistic Joneses" is a refreshingly deep plunge into the reality of long-term love as told through two couples who happen to …
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Events and Happenings in Lansing This Week: July 27
Wednesday, July 27  25th Annual Muelder Summer Carillon Concert Series -   6 p.m. Beaumont Tower, MSU, W. Circle Dr., …
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Bloody Butterflies bring wall of riffs to the Avenue
This weekend, it’ll get loud at The Avenue Café when Bloody Butterflies close out a night of heavy, Michigan-made bands. …
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A mystery wrapped in a riddle inside a hat box
 “The Hat Box” reminds audiences we need to block out the noise of the world and focus on what really matters: …
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Billy Durant: Lansing’s overlooked auto innovator
In Lansing, auto pioneer Billy Durant gets little recognition. His contemporary the late Ransom E. Olds, founder of REO Motors and …
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