2024 420 Gift Guide



For our third annual 420 Gift Guide — and my first as the keeper of the Lansterdam in Review flame for City Pulse — I have chosen items with an eye toward trying to provide something for all tastes. Many products are sourced from local cultivators and processors. We are blessed to be in the epicenter of Michigan’s dope industry — no small thing, considering the leading role our state has assumed nationally. I hope you all have a great Stoney 420 and can try some great products from top-tier companies and provisioning centers.



CBD/topicals -

MOR 1:1 rub



This CBD-based topical is an old-school classic around Lansing. The team at MOR has a nice lineup of scents and cannabinoid spreads, many CBD options and a multi-year record of consistency and innovation. This is a great gift for the canna-curious in your life.

Dr. Evans CBD topical

Local Roots


Dr. Evans has a normal weekly stint at Local Roots to help consumers utilize CBD and other cannabinoids for their ailments. This offering is one of the most effective CBD topicals you can find. Be sure to get this for those with extreme muscle pain and other aches.

Peaceful Pet CBD Pet drops

Local Roots


You can’t forget about your four-legged friend this 420, can you? I like this brand of pet drops and have seen a lot of improvement in my dog over the years with daily CBD intake. It’s easy to just dose on food, and most dogs can’t even notice the taste. It’s safe, 100% THC-free, for your pet’s safety.

- flower -

Franklin Fields Sherb Cream Pie


Sherb Cream Pie will surely be on the top of everyone’s 420 list this year. I have been smoking this great cut of it from Lansing operators Franklin Fields all week while preparing this guide; I couldn’t be happier with the uplifting daytime high. Be sure to swoop this up for you or someone you love today!

Old School Organics AJs Sour Diesel

Local Roots


This is a throwback strain that will delight new and old heads alike. Old School Organics is one of my favorites and, in my opinion, one of the most consistent cultivators in the legal market. This strain will be sure to lift your spirits and, if you’re the right age, bring out bring out some flavors that are sure to make you nostalgic for the subtle sour flavors that became popular in cannabis back in the day

True North Permanent Marker

Local Roots


True North is one of the most trusted brands in the legal game. This is my first experience with its flower, and True North knocks it out the park. The nose smell on this makes you want to smoke it, and the taste does not disappoint either; the sharpie terps really hit on this one; be sure to grab this one for your 420 plans today!

Premier Cannabis Farms coconut gelato



This strain surprised me with a truly tropical and earthy-tasting backend. This cut is one of my favorites from these Lansing operators and gives some real strain variety to a market that needs it. It is a great option for a relaxing afternoon smoke that almost any stoner would appreciate.

Lake State Canna Blue Slushie



Blue Slushie was recommended to me by the staff at Sapura. Its light, sugary taste won me over. Lake State Canna does a superb job of making flowers accessible for all price points without sacrificing quality. This is a perfect gift for anyone who likes a pleasantly tasty smoke.


Real Leaf Solutions GMOreoz

Local Roots

$25/ 3.5g

This is a gassy and massively potent GMO cross. Real Leaf Solution is a legal market OG and has Lansing caregiver roots. I was familiar with this cultivator during the caregiver days, and this cut takes me back. This is a great gift for terp junkies or those who want to support an OG in the legal market.

The Smallz



Pincanna sells small buds of its strains under the brand “The Smallz” at a discounted price. It’s a great opportunity to try some top-notch flower at a more accessible price point. I wasn’t too into the idea, but I have smoked an entire ounce over the last few weeks from the bag I picked up the last time I was at the Pincanna shop. Any pothead would be happy to find an ounce of this under the weed plant on 420.



- Pre-rolls -

Ice Kream Hash Co. Neapolitan

Lake Life Farms


Ice Kream Hash Co is known for live rosin and other solventless offerings. This new product mixes three strains of flower into one joint along with three strains of live rosin to produce complex terp profiles that seem to change over the joint’s life. Any hash head would be happy to receive this on 420!

Fruit & Fuel 2g Infused Live resin blunts


$12/2g blunt

These infused blunts from Fruit & Fuel are a phenomenal deal for the price! They burn pretty smoothly and are not weighed down by any artificial tastes. Pincanna in EL always has a great variety of strains so there’s bound to be something you like.

Turn N’ Burn Candy Mob Burnout infused

Local Roots

$10 1G

Nothing like ole-reliable for a stony 420 weekend. Lansing’s favorite Turn N’ Burn cannabis offers up a newer take on their ever-popular Mafia Funeral strain that adds a little octane to make this pre-roll really kick!

Premier Cannabis JEALOUSY



This potent, indica-leaning strain delivered for me. It elevated my mood and left me with a relaxed and pleasant disposition. This is a great gift option for relaxing and killing a few hours before bed.

Ice Kream Hash Co. Single Scoop .5g live rosin infused joint

Lake Life Farms


On of my favorite pre-rolls. This .5g infused joint delivers potent and tasty offerings from some of the most sought-after cultivators Ice Kream Hash Co. could find. This a great gift for your friends who appreciate flavor and quality above all else.

- Edibles -

Funky Extracts Roasted Almonds


$15 per package

These are a great option for people with a lower tolerance or for folks with a high tolerance who want to crush the whole bag. The taste makes that possible. This is one of the better non-gummy options and a unique treat for a great gift this year.

Shattered Thoughts Entourage Gummies

Local Roots


I was so excited to feature this product, which is a gummy fortified with multiple cannabinoids to create synergies among them. This “Entourage effect” mimics the full spread of cannabinoids found in the full plant. Pick these up for someone who likes to experience the full spectrum of the cannabis plant.

Sweet Justice Infused Elderberry Pom 2:1

Lansing Botanical Co.


Some long-time caregivers produce Sweet Justice out of Franklin Fields. This newly increased dosage pairs 10mg of THC with 5mg of CBD to create a perfect dose for an afternoon beverage. Better yet, a portion of every Sweet Justice sold goes to a fund that works on restorative justice around cannabis. It’s a great gift for the cannabis activist in your life. 

Michigan Organic Rub Infused Granola  bites



These super delicious individually wrapped granola bites taste great and are made with top-notch ingredients and cannabis. These are an amazing first edible offering from OG cannabis brand Michigan Organic Rub. A perfect gift for folks who want the tastier, healthier non, non-gummy option.

- Accessories -

Puffco Proxy


Don’t let the small size or waterless chamber fool you, this thing absolutely rips. I have had mine attached to my hip ever since I got it. The price tag can be steep, but it’s an investment in being high, and the price is totally worth it. This is a great gift for the oil head on the go in your life.

The Patient Journal-Medical Cannabis Companion Journal


This is a perfect gift for folks looking to use cannabis for a particular ailment. The journal allows users to keep track of strain, terpenes, effects and much more. This is also a perfect gift for anyone who wants to track the effects of specific strains or other THC products.      There is a less medical-minded recreational journal available, too!

- Concentrates/Vape -

Ice Kream Hash Co. Sunny D Live Rosin

Lake Life Farms


Ice Kream Hash Co. is becoming a premier solventless brand in Michigan, and this strain is a great reminder of that. The tropical terps deliver at an amazingly accessible price point. Pick this up for any dabhead in your life.

Franklin Fields Commissary carts

Lansing Botanical Co.


These no-frill vape carts continue to impress me. The minimal flavoring gives a clean, potent and discreet rip. The best part is that a portion of every sale goes towards commissary funds for incarcerated cannabis felons. This is a great deal for a good cause, a perfect gift for any head in your life.

Fruit and Fuel Rainbow Belts #16 live resin



This baller jar from Fruit and Fuel is an absolute steal! The terps on this, and all the fruit and fuel for that matter, are always on point. The accessible price point makes this a perfect gift for the heavy dabber in your life.

Packwoods mini packs



This new offering from Packwoods delivers a gram of live resin in a small, discreet, disposable vape. The brand also offers 2g versions that allow you to save a little cash. This is a perfect gift for someone who needs a discreet option but also wants a slightly nicer taste.

Gold Crown Extracts



Shatter still matters! There was once a time when this concentrate format was king. Gold Crown is one of the only outfits in the legal game still rocking shatter, along with batters, terp sugars, and numerous other fishing methods for concentrate. Be sure to check out some old-school shatter for the nostalgic heads on your 420 list.

Anarchy Extracts Detroit Blueberry Crumble



Sometimes, a joint won’t do it, and I like products like this crumble when that time comes. I have been tossing this very affordable crumble in my joints all week. Its subtle flavor is just enough to let me know it’s in there, but the effect doesn’t let me forget me, either. It’s a great gift for heavy stoners looking for a cost-effective way to liven up their joints.



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