Updating Design Lansing


Design Lansing focused on the future physical development of the city. We are now creating a supplemental update to develop strategies focusing on social development that will improve health, education, the environment and the economy. 

The supplemental update will deal with:

  • Neighborhood Accessibility: Our residential neighborhoods were cited as one of the city’s strongest assets in 2012. To ensure every Lansing resident has a healthy, inclusive and accessible neighborhood, our city needs safe housing, a variety of housing choices for ever-changing demographics, and nearby daily amenities and services.
  • Community Culture: Our neighborhoods also foster a sense of belonging and impact one’s identity. They need to guarantee participation in arts and events, community service, neighborhood organizations, access to recreation, and local small businesses.
  • Economic Opportunity: To really prosper, the community needs resources and tools that provide households with education, job training, financial literacy and and financial services.
  • Sustainability and Resiliency: Protecting Lansing’s riverways, wetlands and woodlands is only one piece of the puzzle. Residential conversions to renewable energy production, mitigation techniques for extreme weather events, and ensuring vulnerable communities are protected against nearby pollution sources and floodplain hazards will need to be prioritized.
  • Mobility and Safety: Our city needs a connected transportation system that is multi-modal and really examines the needs of our community members vulnerable to unsafe streets such as children and their caretakers, seniors, and micromobility users. We need a plan to accelerate sidewalk repair and protected bike lane installation. 

This process is the best opportunity to identify barriers and challenges you face so that your input can help inform the community’s strategies. Ultimately, all recommendations are advisory, and there are many different opinions on many issues that the city will have to balance when receiving feedback, but please take the time to fill out a resident survey, request a “workshop-in-a-box” or if you are involved with a community organization take the stakeholder survey as a group. More information and access to these can be found on www.lansingmi.gov/planning. 


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