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D.P. Dough makes a comeback to East Lansing


David MacDougall Jr. started working at D.P. Dough as a delivery driver. Over a decade, he worked his way up through the company. Now, he is the proud owner of two franchise locations. One is in Kalamazoo, and the other is opening up in East Lansing later this month.

“I started as a delivery driver in upstate New York, and it just went from there,” said MacDougall Jr. “I went from driving to management to general management to opening up my own location in Kalamazoo. The company promotes from within when possible.”

D.P. Dough used to have a location on Trowbridge Road, but that one shut down years ago. The restaurant is making its comeback to Michigan State University this month.

“I’m excited to open up in a place we’ve already been,” said MacDougall Jr. “We’re very excited to be back.”

The menu contains everything from your typical Roni Zoni (a calzone with all the ingredients of the classic pepperoni pizza) to more exotic options like a Mac ‘n’ cheese calzone. You can also build your own calzone if you so choose.

“We’ve really got a calzone for everybody. It depends on what type of person you are,” said MacDougall Jr. “With close to 35 options to choose from, there truly is something for everybody. We have a Construction Zone. You can throw anything that your heart desires in a calzone.”

There, you’ll find all the typical pizza toppings and some unique options like tater tots, scrambled eggs and pulled pork. You also have the option to choose from a variety of sauces like blue cheese, BBQ sauce, hot sauce and ranch.

As far as sides go, D.P. Dough has a plethora of menu items to pair with your calzone. “We have our own version of cheese sticks, garlic parmesan sticks, dough bits and boneless wings,” said MacDougall Jr.

“We also have desserts like an Apple Zoni and edible cookie dough.”

MacDougall hopes that the D.P Dough brand spreads like wildfire in Michigan. He’s glad to be back in the East Lansing area, but he also sees a future where there are D.P. Dough locations spread throughout the state.

“We’re looking forward to bringing the brand to Michigan,” said MacDougall Jr. “The MSU location is hopefully going to help us take that next step. We have roots in this community.”

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