Eye Sore: Editor’s choice 2021


There sure are a lot of ugly properties in Greater Lansing — so many that we found it difficult to narrow it down to just one Eye Sore of the Year for 2021. Instead, we created a variety pack.

Marvin Gardens Apartments

It bears the same name as one of the ritziest sets of property on a standard Monopoly game board, but this apartment complex near the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Cavanaugh Road in South Lansing still desperately needs some work to live up to its name.

Several windows are shattered and boarded up. The parking lot is crumbling. Deck railings are broken. Roofs appear to be sinking. Trash has piled up outside. We can only imagine the inside.

The kicker: A car reportedly crashed into the side of one of the buildings several months ago. Fortunately, nobody was injured. Unfortunately, management has yet to complete the repairs.

820 W. Miller Road

This unkempt plaza at the corner of Washington and Miller roads was the former home of Binni’s Bar and Grill. After more than 50 emergency calls there over two years, it was labeled a nuisance and had its liquor license yanked — sounding the death knell for the bar in 2018.

And over the last few years, it has only sat there vacant for garbage to pile up outside.

Although the property was sold at a foreclosure auction this year, the new owner will still have to spend time replacing shattered windows and boarded-up doors, scrubbing off spray paint, repairing the siding and repaving the entire parking lot. The interior will need plenty of work too.

Larry Hutchinson’s campaign signs

Mayoral candidate Larry Hutchinson ran an eccentric and controversial campaign that provided a fun layer of entertainment and comic relief to this year’s city election cycle. Unfortunately, Hutchinson’s political aspirations also came along with a ton of litter scattered across the city.

Hand-painted posters and printed signs with Hutchinson’s mugshot are still plastered on dozens of street signs, electrical poles and other public land across Lansing. He told City Pulse that he decided not to take them down because he’s now running for governor.

Feel free to rip them down. City officials consider signs in the public right-of-way to be litter.

Garno Property Management

We thought about omitting the Garno Property Management building from this listing because it was also featured this year in the Top of the Town contest as Lansing’s least visually attractive building. But even during the holidays, we managed to find it in our hearts to rag Garno one more time for his “Make Lansing Great Again” signage and other conservative-themed banners.

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