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Advertising overload


Advertising overload

While we all accept some advertising as a reality of modern life, very few of us welcome constant bombardment from excessive signs. Yet, this condition is so pervasive that it would be unfair to call out any one particular local instance. Instead, the drawing above is offered as a representative example.

The entire block lacks any order, with each business completing for attention, both with its neighbors and its own proliferating signage. No pedestrian, and certainly no motorist, can possibly read all the information, so most messages are lost.

Street-level businesses, particularly those that rely on walk-in, impulse purchases, need to clearly, directly communicate their goods or services. Upper-level businesses could be served by a simple window sign, supplemented by a street-level directory. (See image below.)

At this time of year when thoughts turn to spring cleaning, it might be nice to see some of the visual clutter removed from our streets and buildings.

“Eyesore of the Week” is our look at some of the seedier properties in Lansing. It rotates each week with Eye Candy of the Week. If you have a suggestion, please e-mail eye@lansingcitypulse.com or call Berl Schwartz at 999-5061.


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