Lansterdam in Review: Flora

Flora: high-end look and feel with accessible options  


Flora, a provisioning center nestled away in East Lansing on Old M-78, is in a beautifully designed and apportioned building that strikes a good balance between a high-end showroom and a traditional bud bar for old-school pot consumers. 

This location, which also offers a drive-thru, puts an incredible amount of attention on consumers, their experience and genuine ways to educate them. One way it caters to consumers is by grouping its products based on desired effect. For example, “Relax” and “Energize.” In the past, I have been turned off by this type of approach. I felt it left much wiggle room for dubious operators to mislead consumers. But these folks knock it out of the park. The different types of effects give the staff a starting point to educate the consumer about the reality of terpenes and the true hybrid nature of cannabis.  

They are working hard to get rid of the pure indica/sativa shift as the primary way of organizing cannabis. “Flora showcases Michigan growers who are intentional about their process,” retail manager Ahvi Aungst said. “Cannabinoids and the curing environment create the effects we highlight. Flora values healthy lifestyles. Everyone wants flower for energy, to relax, for clarity or to find balance. Our Florists enhance your next adventure by understanding you. We create a simple cannabis experience for complex people.”  

Terple Gang, a widely known and highly regarded cultivation operation in Lansing, is the consumer brand offered by Flora’s ownership group. The brand is known for high-quality flower that’s grown with great attention. Its price point is accessible but not absolutely rock bottom. Good weed ain’t cheap, and cheap weed ain’t good. This top-shelf brand is priced reasonably without tanking the market. Terple Gang shows consumers how the extra couple of bucks on a bag of weed makes a huge difference in taste and effect. 

Flora also offers some really good hash options and generally has something for everyone. One thing missing here is a lot of the bargain basement price schemes seen in some of the Lansing market. The location prides itself on quality, and that’s not always the cheapest option. Still, the retailer keeps a few popular options at most price points, ensuring something for everyone is on the shelves. There are definitely amazing deals going on at the store, and oftentimes, they’re on truly top-shelf house flower. 

The products: 

Terple Gang 1.5g hash-infused pre-roll 


I was given a Superboof X Strawbery Guave-infused pre-roll. I enjoyed this pre-roll, even though I don’t necessarily love the Superboof strain. The joint itself smoked well and didn’t have a problem staying lit, like many infused joints do. The taste of the Superboof’s gassy citrus terps blended well with the guava’s sweetness. The high was great as well, and with the price, it would be hard to pass these up.   

Terple Gang 3.5g Cadillac Rainbows pre-pack flower 


This is probably my favorite strain from this cultivator. When I mentioned that on my tour of the facility, the folks at Flora made sure a bag of it made its way home with me. I really enjoyed the sweet notes and funkiness. My bag broke down very well and was a joy to roll into joints. Being able to snag all the Terple Gang flower at this is price point a great upside to shopping at Flora. 

There isn’t much you could be looking for that these folks won’t have. The big draw here is to come out and support some great folks who take pride in good cannabis and the culture that goes along with it. They do a great job at uplifting their consumers and showcasing great products in a down-to-earth way. Try this shop next time you want some nice flower in EL.  




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