Gift store gets raunchy with profane goods


For those looking for a vintage embroidered doily that says, “Come back with a warrant,” Bad Annie’s will deliver. The latest addition to Turner Street is set to be brimming with profane goods and oddities with sass.

Summer Schriner, owner of Grace Boutique of Old Town, planned her new business for five years. At Grace, Schriner began stocking risqué goods behind the counter and the forbidden section became a runaway hit.

“It ended up being I was gathering more and more of the inappropriate stuff I didn’t feel comfortable putting on our sales floor,” Schriner said.

But Grace was primarily a women’s clothing and accessory store, and the profane goods started to split the direction of the business.

“It got to the point to where a new store was needed,” she said.

“I wanted to open Grace’s sassy sister where we can be loud, inappropriate and goofy while still keeping Grace as an elegant place I wanted from the beginning.”

Schriner believes a little profanity is a part of everyone’s personality. It’s a “fun side you don’t get to express or live out loud.”

Bad Annie’s will offer bath bombs, candles, socks, sunglasses, T-shirts, embroidered goods, jewelry and more. Additionally, three racks of custom socks will take up the sales floor. Candles say “Besties before Testes” among other things unfit for print.

The store will heavily feature Sara Jean Sews, a local vendor who repurposes vintage items with risqué messages. Some of her items for sale include linens saying “Please leave by 9 p.m.” and “Say perhaps to drugs.”

The inspiration behind the name “Bad Annie’s” came from Schriner seeing a closed hubcap store in Nashville called “Hubcap Annie’s.”

“It just sounded so cool,” she said.

Schriner, an Old Town resident, thinks Bad Annie’s will fall in nicely to the neighborhood.

“Especially to Turner, I’m hoping to bring a bit more goofiness. I don’t think it was something that was missing, but I would like to complement the neighboring businesses here,” she said.

It won’t be the first time Schriner used this space on Turner Street. Grace Boutique started in the same building 12 years ago. The space most recently held Retail Therapy in early 2019. 

“I feel like I’ve come full circle,” she said.

There will be significant signage warning those that profane goods are offered inside.

Bad Annie’s also plans to be open extended hours. There are a lot of opportunities for businesses to be open more hours in Old Town, she added.

“I see those brunch crowds waiting outside of The Creole and dinner crowd outside of Meat just looking for places to be entertained,” Schriner said.

The business brings three jobs to the area.

“I’m excited to be loud, silly and let that freak flag fly.”

Bad Annie's

Open Friday, May 24

1209 Turner St., Lansing


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