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Juice shop brings organic beverages to East Lansing


If you’re aiming to do away with soda and looking for healthier options, look no farther than the newest addition to downtown East Lansing’s restaurant scene, Clean Juice. Its menu is packed with nutritious beverages and entrees designed specifically for the health-conscious individual.

Clean Juice is the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat between classes or when you’re on your way home from a particularly intense workout at the gym. It proudly holds the honor of being the only restaurant in the area that is fully USDA-certified organic.

Besides smoothies and freshly-squeezed juice, Clean Juice offers a selection of salads, wraps and acai or quinoa bowls to pair with your drink. Also present on the menu are a variety of autumnal options, including pumpkin spiced lattes and a pumpkin smoothie.

Clean Juice welcomes its customers to join a thriving community of devoted cleansers. If you download the Clean Juice app on your phone, you can enroll in a program to receive monthly shipments of cleanses. Each cleanse targets a specific problem you may have. One is anti-inflammatory, while another acts as an energy booster. 

The Cleanse Club has two options, “The Beginner Program” and “The Standard Program.” After picking which option you would like to go with, you can choose to receive enough cleanse for either one, two or three days a month.

Clean Juice offers no firm advice for people who are preparing for a cleanse, but it does recommend cutting out dairy and processed foods to more fully purify your body.

The company does double duty as both a chain of restaurants and a lifestyle brand. One champion of Clean Juice is college football star Tim Tebow, who signed on as a brand ambassador.

Kat and Landon Eckles, the founders of Clean Juice, host a weekly podcast called Be Organic. On the podcast, the two discuss wellness and nutrition with a rotation of health influencers, doctors and holistic gurus. In addition to that, the Clean Juice website also hosts a blog with articles that offer health tips and help guide readers through the science behind good nutrition. 

Located right across from the Broad Art Museum, Clean Juice could prove quite handy to Michigan State University students who are simply tired of filling their bodies with Conrad’s and pizza every day. 

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