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Just leave it, Flawless will clean it


When fiancées and Lansing residents Cassandra Wirt and Michael Halbert began the process of finding a housekeeper to help them maintain their home, they discovered a cultural difference that surprised them.

“I was born and raised in the South and grew up with a housekeeper. They were always more than just someone who comes and cleans your home — they were a part of the family, always helping around the house,” Halbert said. “When I went to find a housekeeper, I noticed something different in the hiring process. Instead of asking, ‘What can I do for you?’, she gave me a list of things she doesn’t do. We also checked out a local company to hire, but they had an extensive checklist of things you need to do to prepare for them to clean.”

Thus, Flawless Cleaning Solutions was born. 

“We want to be the exact opposite of companies like this,” Halbert explained. “Our motto is, ‘Just leave it, we clean it!’” 

Flawless offers services including carpet and gutter cleaning, pressure washing, exterior window washing, painting and car detailing, which was Halbert’s previous profession. Wirt herself has 20 years in the service industry under her belt, and both bring their robust customer service experience to the table.

“Even though we advertise as a residential and commercial cleaning company, there’s nothing we won’t help someone with. From packing up a house for an elderly woman who couldn’t find help last minute to taking an Airbnb client’s laundry offsite to wash and fold and be delivered back to his residence,” Wirt said.

The couple pride themselves on their willingness to take on any task and hope to be more than just a housekeeper to clients.

“Any chance we get to go the extra mile, we will. We want our clients to know they mean more to us than to most companies, and if we can show that appreciation by catering to specific needs while leaving our clients happy and taken care of, then we’re doing exactly the job we set out to do,” Wirt said. 

Currently the only employees, Wirt and Halbert have confidence in their concept. 

“We are looking forward to expanding on this idea of bringing Southern-style cleaning to the Midwest. We simply don’t say no!” Wirt said.


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