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Keep Medicare  Advantage strong


Having served in the Michigan State House, I am very familiar with the needs of my community. Now in my retirement, issues that I once advocated for as an ally on the House floor have become highly personal. One such concern is health care coverage for seniors.

When I retired, through my advocacy for senior health, I knew I wanted to enroll in Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage is the only program that provides full-service coverage at a manageable price, bringing peace of mind to the nearly 1 million Michigan seniors who are currently enrolled. four years after enrolling myself, I couldn’t be happier with my coverage.

From accessing prescription drug coverage and delivery services to wellness programs and vision, hearing and dental benefits, Medicare Advantage responds to each and every senior health need. And not only does Medicare Advantage address the services we want, but those services are provided at a price we can afford. With premiums set to decrease an additional 10% this year, Medicare Advantage continues to help seniors lead healthier lives without causing financial stress.

It is critical that Representative Slotkin continue to support Medicare Advantage to ensure seniors are connected with essential, affordable care. Protecting this program is critical to addressing senior health needs.

Tom Cochran

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