Local couple seeks bone marrow match for sick daughter

Doctors recommend marrow transplant for local third grader


WEDNESDAY, Jan. 5 — A local couple is actively searching for a donor match for their third-grade daughter, Millie Johnson, who they said needs a bone marrow transplant after she was recently diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Millie’s parents, Kevin Johnson and Dr. Salome Sookdieopersad — both Michigan State University alumni — sent a statement to local media outlets this week urging Greater Lansing residents to find out if they’re a match in order to expand the size of Millie’s potential donor pool.

According to a release, Millie has completed the first of three rounds of chemotherapy and “remains strong and in good spirits.” But to greatly improve her chance of survival, her specialist has recommended a bone marrow transplant. And so far, her parents haven’t found a match.

“This has been the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to go through,” Sookdieopersad said in a release. “We are encouraged by the outpouring of support our family has received and remain hopeful we will find a match for Millie as more individuals register to find out if they are a match.”

To find out if you’re a match, visit dkms.org to register. An at-home cheek swab kit will be sent in the mail and Millie’s family will be notified if a positive match for a bone marrow donor is located.

While Millie is more likely to find a match among Black or Asian donors, anyone of any race or ethnicity could be a match. Only about 29% of Black patients and about 47% of Asian patients find matches, according to a release. Visit facebook.com/amatchformillie for more information. 


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