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Pick your poison: Beer recommendations from City Pulse and City Hall


Drink like a journalist ...

At last week’s staff meeting, Managing Editor Kyle Kaminski suggested that City Pulse staff “get in the mood” for this special print edition by cracking open as many early morning beers as possible throughout the week. Publisher Berl Schwartz put the kibosh on that concept. As a compromise, we’re still sharing what we would’ve been drinking had that plan gone into action.

Kyle Kaminski, managing editor:

My favorite beer is from out of state. Please don’t email me about it. Indiana’s Three Floyds Brewing has long been considered one of the country’s best and most influential independent craft breweries with a lineup that is routinely awarded for its best-in-class flavors. And in May, they finally started to distribute north of the border into mid-Michigan — including at Meijer. 

The brewery’s Zombie Dust pale ale scored a perfect score from Beer Advocate, and for good reason. This intensely hopped brew brims with a piney bitterness but it goes down smooth with fruity notes of melon and grapefruit. It’s also 6.5% ABV, so one six-pack will totally do the trick. 

Skyler Ashley, arts and culture editor:

I’ve always loved things that have a Michigan quirk, and a beer that goes well with a slice of orange fits into that niche. I like beer that tastes like something besides carbonation and alcohol — and Bell’s Oberon is thankfully super flavorful.

Abby Sumbler, production manager:

Hibiscus Gose from BAD Brewing Co. It’s sour. It’s salty. It’s good. I didn’t know about sour beers until I had this one years ago, and it made me feel alive. BAD is always consistent with their sours. They’re all lovely.

Suzi Smith, events editor and office manager:

I drink whiskey and golden champale. No beer. 

Rich Tupica, contributor:

I’m not into dark beers. Not cool, I know. So each year when the Michigan blizzards start to roll in, I stock up on Bell’s Bright White. It’s a light, refreshing wheat ale that mixes clove and fruity aromas. Bell’s also describes the beer as a “nice alternative to dark and heavy winter warmers and stouts.”

Todd Heywood, contributor:

I miss the Raspberry Wheat beer that was brewed by Blue Coyote in the ‘90s. It was a sweet darker ale and delicious.

Earlisha Scott, sales assistant:

I only drink Corona.

Nevin Speerbrecker, contributor:

Dark beer has been a long time favorite of mine. The flavor complexities, the rich, bold, deep flavor of the malt and hops brewed to perfect blend. That’s a beer. My pick for a great local dark beer would have to be BAD’s Cellar Aged Imperial Stout. Yes, a stout. Rich,deep, dark color and flavor reaches in and grabs your tonsils and keeps them hostage until you get a second glass.

Kyle Melinn, contributor:

Have you sipped a beer you’ve never tried and immediately can’t wait to take the second sip? That’s me and the first time my brother-in-law gave me an M-43 by Old Nation Brewery. I’m a seasonal beer drinker. Short’s Soft Parade Shandy in the summer; Cheboygan’s Blood Honey Orange in the spring; Bell’s Best Brown in the fall; Rochester Mills’ Milkshake Stout and Atwater Vanilla Java Porter in the winter. But if I could only drink one more beer, it would be M-43.

Drink like a politician ...

With the November election less than a month away in Lansing, City Pulse is committed to asking candidates the tough questions and finding residents the answers they deserve. This feature, however, is not an exercise of that commitment. This one, well, this one is just for fun.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said he has two favorite beers at the moment — “Schor Style” cream ale from Lansing Brewing Co. and “Kryptonale” cherry wheat from Ozone’s Brewhouse.

“Trying to narrow down my favorite beer is like trying to pick a favorite child,” he said. “It’s just not something you should do. The only kind of beer I don’t like are IPAs. Too hoppy. Too bitter.”

In addition to being named in his honor, Schor said the dry-hopped Schor Style beer from LBC offers just the right amount of smooth, refreshing lightness with a “nice flavor” at the end. And he’s not the only person to share the sentiment; LBC routinely runs its kegs of Schor Style dry.

Schor also described the “Kryptonale” at Ozone’s Brewhouse as “simply delicious.”

“This is a cherry wheat beer made from Michigan cherries from Kings Orchard,” he said. “The flavor is simply delicious, and it’s an easy beer to drink while watching a game or hanging out with friends. I highly recommend it — and many of the other beers at Ozone’s in Old Town.”

City Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar said she has an unrefined palate and “hates” beer. Despite still accepting an invitation to submit something for this column, she never followed through. At a debate last week, Dunbar also proudly declared that she “doesn’t drink.” That’s not true. She was spotted taking a shot at her primary election party last month. She clarified after the debate:

“They asked for a favorite bar and I went blank because I don’t really go to bars. I should have said I don’t go to bars to drink. And I rarely drink. Not wine, not beer, and I did that shit to be social because they wanted to buy it. I rarely buy a drink for myself unless it’s froofroo.”

City Pulse also extended an invitation to the other seven members of the City Council as well as City Clerk Chris Swope to share their favorite beers, but none of them took us up on the offer.

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