Schor orders police report on secret sex club investigation

'Public interest' triggers exception to LPD reporting policy


MONDAY, Sept. 13 — Lansing Mayor Andy Schor has ordered the Lansing Police Department to generate a report on a controversial, secret investigation of the Lansing-based sex club Tabu.

While Lansing police cannot generate written reports on every investigation that does not also generate evidence of a crime in part because of a “shortage of personnel,” Schor said he has directed a report to be generated in this particular case because of the level of “public interest.”

The investigation was first reported by City Pulse this month after it was revealed in emails from Third Ward City Councilman Adam Hussain. In November 2019, an unknown individual entered the members-only, private adult venue and took photographs of people engaged in sexual activity. Those photos were attached to an email that made unsubstantiated allegations of illicit drug use and prostitution, Taking the photos and passing them along was likely a felony under state law. Local cops, however, were unable to identify the emailer and closed the investigation.

Schor said he was troubled by “someone illegally invading the privacy of others,” and will have a criminal report generated on the emails. He said LPD was unable to run a meta-data analysis of the photos — which could reveal the identity of the photographer — because the photos were not the originals, but instead were copies. It remains unclear if LPD did an IP trace or if the agency attempted to email the complainant before or after initiating their investigation at Tabu.


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