The Benefits of Using Glass in Your Framing

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Glass is what we think of when we talk about preserving art pieces. A benefit of using glass is its inherent UV resistance of about 45% which is more than uncoated acrylic. Conservation grade glass is up to 99% UV resistant will help eliminate fading from incandescant and flourescent lighting.

Glass is less susceptible to scratches than acrylic, but it is also heavier. It is best used to preserve smaller pieces. If you choose glass for a large framing project, be sure to use the appropriate wall mounts to ensure stability — a fallen frame and shattered glass can damage art and art lovers and we want everyone to be safe!

The cost of glass is lower than acrylic as long as the piece of art will not be shipped. With the added weight of the glass, the shipping price will rise drastically.

As always, we welcome you to make a consultation appointment with our in-house professional to discuss what will work best for your framing product.

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