The Rescue Mission’s real purpose


Bold of Mark C. Criss, head of the City Rescue Mission of Lansing, to outright admit the Mission lies to its residents and its neighbors. The first paragraph of its website echoes the common perception that what Criss, et. al., are operating is specifically a shelter for indigent people, a facility to house, feed and care for those needing material help.  In short, that they are operating a homeless shelter first and foremost.  According to the June 5 edition of The City Pulse, we’ve all been taken for suckers by Criss.

“Our main purpose is actually the gospel and sharing the good news of Christ, and our second is the food and shelter,” explained Criss when interviewed about discrimination against LGBT+ residents. In “A Place for Us” (June 5), Criss not only dispels the illusion that the “mission” of the Rescue Mission is to see to the resource needs of homeless folks, but disparages Luna Brown’s attempt to build an LGBT+-safe shelter.  He shouldn’t quibble.  After all, Luna Brown is looking to protect the homeless, not exploit their vulnerability.

 Like any good businessman, Criss understands the value of a “loss leader.” And make no mistake: Criss is running a business. The whole food and shelter thing is just to get the people in the door; his primary goal isn’t to feed the hungry but to spiritually blackmail them.  Good on, Luna Brown, for understanding that the primary purpose of a homeless shelter is, ahem, to shelter.

Eric M. Baylis
East Lansing


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