Guitarist Mark Whitfield livens up MSU for week-long residency
Dec. 6 2018
Mark Whitfield puts jazz guitar in its rightful place —total, cosmic ubiquity. At a late afternoon gig Monday with the Michigan State University Professors of Jazz, Whitfield teleported in any direction...
FB-IMG-15402358406681 (1)
Oct. 25 2018
Starting off as a dishwasher for Saddleback BBQ after moving to Lansing in 2015, Nick Drumm, 23, is now one of the smoke pit eatery’s co-owners. Over the years, Drumm learned the tricks of the trade...
Eye Sore: 751 Larch St., Lansing
Sept. 20 2018
Andy Wreckerman isn’t sure what to do with this shack over on Larch Street. He might demolish it. The tight proximity to the house next door — which is also quite the eye sore — makes...
Sept. 13 2018
As sushi becomes a culinary mainstay in the United States, new restaurants are able to further experiment with the potential for the raw succulent cuts of fish. Enter PokéLab, an East Lansing eatery...
Sept. 6 2018
“I was like Bruce Wayne. I would come home and my roommates knew a lot of alumni Spartys and were telling me how cool they were,” said Niemiec. “I just said, ‘Yep, they’re...