Sept. 20 2018
The history of the rare ‘20s-era Brunswick bowling alley tucked inside Central United Methodist Church is written on its scarred pins. Generations of bowlers threw archaic rubber bowling balls down...
Diocese faces criticism of ‘Happiness’ event
Sept. 20 2018
Michigan Avenue soon will be lined with thousands of Catholic Churchgoers en route to the largest mass to ever be assembled within the Diocese of Lansing, but some have labeled the spectacle as a poorly...
Sept. 13 2018
The huge downtown stone building, built in 1888 by Capitol building architect Elijah E. Myers, is a bastion of turn of the century architecture and ‘20s era installations. An original gym, bowling...
Martin Luther Chapel 444 Abbot Road East Lansing
Sept. 6 2018
The site of this church had been owned by another local church, which chose instead to build on another site along Abbot Road. After acquiring this site and demolishing the building that stood there, building...