Jan. 30 2019
This vast home was constructed in 1926 for Ray and Sarah Potter, its grandeur reflecting the socialite owners and the impact realized by their family in the development of the greater Lansing area. Potter...
Jan. 24 2019
Jessica Lang Dance, having won sweeping critical appraisal from The New York Times, The Boston Globe, you name it — is in its twilight. The company, led by the Bessie Awardwinning Jessica Lang rolls...
Lansing songwriter to perform new album at Robin Theatre
Jan. 24 2019
Fifteen years since his last proper studio release, longtime Lansing favorite Wally Pleasant returns with “Happy Hour,” a comedic string of songs with a sardonic look at small-town life. He’ll...
Jan. 17 2019
Robert Kelly cannot be contained. The boisterous comedian is born of the same Boston and New York City comedy circuit that produced talent like Dane Cook — whom he’s toured with — Bill...
Jan. 3 2019
Jeff Guinn writes about good friends Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and, eventually, Harvey Firestone in “Vagabonds.” Beginning in 1914, the triumvirate of inventors went on a road trip to the Florida...
Dec. 20 2018
Shortly after Thanksgiving, a holiday tradition in our household is to bring out a small collection of Christmas books. Over the years, staples like “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”...
Oct. 11 2018
“Varhaus is the Germanization of the word warehouse. It reminds me that I am doing commerce, working and making things with my own hands to sell to individuals in a simple way,” said Keusch,...
Sept. 27 2018
Meg Golz and Eve Wilczewski, of the Madison, Wisconsinbased duo Seasaw, started off as co-workers, then became best friends and ultimately evolved into musical partners
Sept. 27 2018
They all went for the iconic Detroit soda pop “Fayg-o-o-o!” In his new novel, “The Faygo Book,” Joe Grimm, MSU Journalism Professor and former Detroit Free Press reporter, ties...
Sept. 20 2018
But after two visits to Punk Taco, I found the best thing about this place is a large scrawl of faux graffiti on the north wall. It was funny and thought-provoking. The best line is a quote from Henry...
Sept. 20 2018
Gwen Frostic’s simple artwork representing Michigan’s natural world is easily recognizable. Drawn in by subtle colors found in nature, her forest creatures and plants are printed on everything...
Sept. 6 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Now is an excellent time to feel and explore and understand and even appreciate your sadness
Sept. 6 2018
Since 2002, incoming Michigan State University freshmen have been reading the same book each year as part of the One Book, One Community reading program. And each year, with Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”...
Sept. 6 2018
Ever been tired of the side effects and daily treatments of traditional pharmaceutical drugs? The BioTe hormone replacement and supplement program believes that the future of primary care rests not only...