Nov. 15 2018
A film produced in Lansing and shot in Michigan makes its hometown debut. Written and directed by Kenneth Nelson Jr., “Sincerely, Brenda” is set in Detroit and tells the story of an alcoholic...
Nov. 1 2018
At best, the president has done nothing to tamp the growing wildfires of hate — against immigrants, African-Americans, LGBT people, Jews — that have sprung up and spread in the political climate...
The biggest stars in the bar: Lansing musicians keep taverns rocking
Oct. 25 2018
Shut up and play the hits. And play the hits they do. Any barhopper accustomed to Lansing’s scene will be familiar with the numerous bands that perform anywhere from the Green Door to the Unicorn....
Oct. 25 2018
The board has led our district to wonderful achievements for the children in our schools. Despite receiving the lowest possible foundation grant per pupil, Williamston Community Schools beat out neighboring...
Oct. 25 2018
“The third shifters are hanging on and they are having fun with the jukebox playing. Lunch people come in and think ‘Wow, who are these people partying so hard in the morning?’ I have...
Sept. 27 2018
At the Fledge, Pruett plans on exhibiting 60 signs, including one that says, “If we’re all equal, why don’t 50 percent of you want to say ‘Hello’ or ‘Good Morning?’...
New book offers in-depth look at life of Big Star's Chris Bell
Sept. 27 2018
Rich Tupica, author of City Pulse’s “Turn it Down” section, caught an obsession with Chris Bell, singer/songwriter of the fabled Big Star — one of rock ‘n’ roll’s...
A wretched state
Sept. 27 2018
Most folks who grew up in a mostly white suburb have probably gotten an earful over the dinner table about how coddled prisoners are in the United States. A dear, but cruelly misled relative, once told...
Diocese faces criticism of ‘Happiness’ event
Sept. 20 2018
Michigan Avenue soon will be lined with thousands of Catholic Churchgoers en route to the largest mass to ever be assembled within the Diocese of Lansing, but some have labeled the spectacle as a poorly...
Sept. 13 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) "The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes." So says poet and philosopher Mark Nepo in The Book of Awakening. Now I'm transmitting his observation to...
Sept. 13 2018
Riverwalk filled its theater Monday morning for a celebration of life to Helder and tributes have poured in on Facebook. In addition to losing a longtime friend and mentor, Tom Ferris, former Riverwalk...
Sept. 13 2018
“This is what the root of what hip-hop was: Feeling the pressure and replying in a way where, ‘We will be seen, we will be heard and we will have opportunity to be a part of this whole thing
Nov. 30 2017
“Last year, in the period I probably enrolled about 50, so far I’ve only got one,” said Denise Paquette, the outreach and engagement director at the Allen Neighborhood Center, 1611 E....